Jennifer Aniston Terrified Of Justin Theroux’s Veins – They Remind Her Of Angelina Jolie!


I have to credit tabloid writers sometimes — they have a truly creative imagination, especially when it comes to making up reasons for celebrity feuds and celebrity breakups. Here’s an example — according to the latest report from the National Enquirer, Jennifer Aniston is ‘scared’ of Justin Theroux and wants to break up with him because of his ‘jutting veins‘.

Apparently, Justin’s veins remind Jennifer of her ‘arch-rival’, Angelina Jolie. Seriously?! The Enquirer’s source claims, “Justin’s intense workouts have left him with bulging blood vessels that remind Jennifer of skinny Angie and her jutting veins. When Jennifer looks at Justin, she feels like she’s staring at a pumped-up male version of Angelina.”

What on earth…..? The person who came up with this story should either be promoted or demoted, it’s so ridiculous. I know tabloids specialize in ridiculous, but this is a whole new brand of crazy. First of all, everybody gets jutting veins as they get older, especially if they’re skinny or work out a lot.

In that way, most people in Hollywood would remind Jennifer of Angelina, no? Second of all, I doubt Jennifer’s still this hung up on Angelina, that even her fiance’s veins would remind her of Brad Pitt leaving her. It’s been ten years guys – while I’m sure the resentment and anger will never fade fully, it’s not like she’s sitting around, twiddling her thumbs. She is working pretty constantly, and besides, I doubt the biggest problem between her and Justin is based on his bulging veins. From recent reports, they’ve got much, much bigger problems, chief of which is whether they’ll ever end up making it down the aisle.

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  1. anon says:

    pretty funny and entirely bogus I am sure

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