Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With a Girl at 45 – See Baby Bump? (PHOTO)

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With a Girl at 45 - See Baby Bump? (PHOTO)

Here we go again folks! It has been a few weeks so we need to speculate on whether or not Jennifer Aniston is pregnant or not, right? All it takes is one photo with her shirt bunched up or one shot of her carrying a bag that looks strategically placed and immediately the pregnancy rumors fly. According to the May 12th print edition of In Touch magazine Jen has been hiding out while dragging herself through the first trimester of a not so surprising pregnancy. Supposedly she has gained quite a bit already and morning sickness has been a real battle but fiance, Justin Theroux has been right there for her, when he isn’t in NYC. Supposedly Jen is far enough into the pregnancy to already know that the baby is a girl too!

George Clooney is also going through a major life change. After years of declaring that he would be a bachelor forever he did a complete 180 and popped the question to Amul Alamuddin. The two have been together only for a matter of months but apparently she had something to offer that all of the others lacked- smarts. Plus she may be the only woman ever to play hard to get with George. He appears to be smitten and In Touch has all of the latest details on their engagement.

Is Kris Jenner hoping to reconcile with Bruce? According to a source close to the couple she is indeed trying to worm her way back into his everyday life. Do you think it will work? Would Bruce ever in a million years take Kris back? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

2 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With a Girl at 45 – See Baby Bump? (PHOTO)”

  1. Salem says:

    She was drinking only a few days ago.

  2. Dee Jamacek says:

    I get tired of all these rumors that she is. A lot of these female celebs wait until 50 or so to get pregnant, look at Adrienne Barbeau. They wait until they get tired of acting and ready to settle down.