Jennifer Aniston Exploring Several Pregnancy Options – Really Wants to Have a Baby

Jennifer Aniston Exploring Several Pregnancy Options - Really Wants to Have a Baby

It looks like 2013 was the year of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux breakup stories, and 2014 looks set to be the year of Jennifer Aniston giving birth stories. According to a new report from In Touch Weekly, Jennifer and Justin are ready to have kids, after getting back together and ‘reevaluating‘ their future together.

A source explains, “The holiday was an opportunity to spend quality time together and discuss their future and plans for a family.”

In Touch’s source claims that Jennifer’s ‘always‘ wanted a baby and now that she’s gotten Justin to agree, she’s planning on trying everything possible to get pregnant – including surrogacy. The source explains, “Jen is currently exploring the surrogate option. Of course, she’d still love to get pregnant naturally, but she’s under no illusion that it would come easily, as she turns 45 on Feb 11. Surrogacy is the perfect solution. Now, Justin and Jen are investigating finding the right candidate to carry their child.”

Ok, first of all – if Jennifer really, really wanted a child, she’d have one by now. Look at Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie – even if their relationships went south, they went ahead and adopted children, which is an easy alternative to giving birth. Sure, there are a lot of people that don’t want to adopt, but in Jennifer’s case, I think it’s really more of a case of appearances. She never wanted to admit that she didn’t want a kid, because her entire image is built around her girl-next-door appeal. And if she says she doesn’t want kids, she will shatter the illusions of her fans and the people that follow her every move. So instead, she’ll continue to pretend that she’s interested in kids, even if that means allowing inane stories like this to pop up.

There’s also the fact that In Touch is actually right when they say that getting pregnant naturally will be more difficult for Jennifer, although it certainly didn’t seem to be a problem with Halle Berry. And then, there’s also the question of whether Justin even wants kids, especially when his career is taking off like this.

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