Jennifer Lopez – Casper Smart Cheating Break-up: ‘On the Brink of Split’ After Second Transexual Texting Scandal

Jennifer Lopez - Casper Smart Cheating Break-up: 'On the Brink of Split' After Second Transexual Texting Scandal

When Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart first got together, most people gave their relationship a year or two at most. I mean, Jennifer is one of the most talented and famous actress/singers in the world, and Casper is… not.

But alas, they have defied odds and managed to stay together all this time, but even then, the fact that Jennifer hasn’t gotten married or engaged to Casper says quite a lot. This is a woman who says yes to marriage after mere months of dating, as we saw with Ben Affleck, Chris Judd, and Marc Anthony. However, none of her past relationships resulted in her downgrading as much as with Casper Smart. The guy’s only claim to fame is literally being Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend.

Thus, we always assumed that if one party cheated, it would be J.Lo. First of all, we never expected them to last this long, but it seemed like Jenifer was just staying with him due to convenience and familiarity. However, there’s no way Jennifer would ever accept being humiliated by Casper cheating on her, which is exactly what just happened.

Not only has Casper been accused of cheating on Jennifer, but he’s also been accused of flirting and sexting with several transsexual models. Apparently, he was actually seeing transsexual model Xristina Marie behind Jennifer’s back. Since Casper and Jennifer rarely see each other due to Jennifer’s busy schedule, it’s probably easy for him to do whatever he wants and hope that Jennifer never finds out.

But alas, Casper’s not exactly some smooth Lothario who’s able to hide his affairs very well. Jennifer [and the whole world] found out, and all hell broke loose. A source tells Radar Online, “The relationship is all but over. Jennifer has been embarrassed by him yet again,. He was not invited to accompany her to New York.”

After three years, could this finally be the straw that breaks the relationship? I say good riddance, and on some level, I’m sure Jennifer is relieved that she can finally break up with him, even if it’s a humiliating situation on every level.

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