Jessica Simpson Pregnant With Third Child? (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson Pregnant With Third Child? (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson has lost all her recent pregnancy weight over the last few months, but new reports suggest that she already be pregnant again. If this is true, I guarantee that Jessica’s not going to be happy that all her hard work in losing weight is about to come undone. Plus, Weight Watchers will be cursing the day they signed Jessica to the brand, never knowing that she would spend most of the time as their ambassador being pregnant.

OK! Magazine’s latest cover issue suggests that Jessica will be pregnant with her third child when she marries Eric Johnson this summer. OK!’s source explains, “Jess is hoping to be a few weeks along by her wedding day and walk down the aisle pregnant. Her plan is to share the exciting news with all their guests after they sit down to dinner!”

I’m confused – is Jessica pregnant or is she planning to get pregnant? If she wants to be a ‘few weeks along’ by her wedding day, then how could she be sporting a baby bump by then? Most women don’t start showing until they’re several months into the pregnancy, although the tabloids will just use this as an excuse to play bump watch during Jessica’s wedding.

There’s also the fact that she’s sporting a fitter figure than she’s had in the last five years, and as vain as this sounds, I don’t think she’s going to be too happy about having to gain a ton of weight again. Honestly, I don’t think she and Eric are planning on having another kid – at least, not anytime soon – and if she does get pregnant, it will probably be unplanned.

OK!’s cover issue also has a story on George Clooney‘s engagement to Amal Alamuddin, which they claim is ‘over already‘. Um, sure. If George actually proposed to a woman again, after saying that he would never, ever get married, there’s simply no way he’s screwing that up. Plus, both of them are getting too much out of this relationship to voluntarily leave before getting married.

Finally, Sofia Vergara‘s team is leaking strategic news stories about her ex-fiance Nick Loeb‘s propensity for hookers. However, we’ve already heard from Nick’s ‘friends’ about how Sofia is leaking all this to make him look petty. Now, it’s just a question of who to believe, the millionaire actress or the millionaire wall street heir?

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