GLOBE: Ronald Reagan’s Shooter Goes Free – Public Outcry As John Hinckley Jr. Released and Unsupervised (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Ronald Reagan's Shooter Goes Free - Public Outcry As John Hinckley Jr. Released and Unsupervised (PHOTO)

On March 30, 1981 President Ronald Reagan was gunned down in broad daylight by a man named John Hinckley Jr. He has spent the majority of the years following his conviction in a mental facility as he was found to be insane. There was a lot of conflict in the verdict because psychiatric reports had him listed as insane but the prosecution insisted that by legal terms he was still sane and competent enough to serve his sentence in prison. Hinckley’s team has spent the last 10 years slowly but surely inching him towards freedom until finally in December a recommendation was accepted by U. S. District Judge Paul Friedman.

He accepted the recommendation from Washington’s St. Elizabeths Hospital that Hinckley be allowed to leave for 17 days a month, up from 10 days a month, to stay with his mother in Williamsburg, Virginia. Friedman later went on to issue a 29-point order that would lay out the terms of Hinckley’s release. It includes details about Hinckley’s Internet use, travel, volunteer work, walks within his mother’s subdivision, therapy and medication. Hinckley is free to roam unsupervised but must avoid government centers and have a GPS enabled cell phone on him at all times.

According to the March 17th print edition of GLOBE magazine there has been nothing but outrage from those living in the same neighborhood as Hinckley’s mother. He has not been cured of his illness and is still seen as a violent threat to society. That’s not the kind of guy that they want wandering through their subdivision – even if he does have his phone on him!

GLOBE also reveals details surrounding Shirley Temple’s death and her deadly disease – the tragic secret she kept from fans in this week’s issue.

Not a single week goes by that we don’t have one Royal or another on the cover of GLOBE. Nobody gets inside the palace the way GLOBE does to bring out all the latest royal news and gossip. This time around it’s Fergie Sarah Ferguson. She has always been like a royal renegade and was never one to really play by the rules. She livened things up while married to Prince Andrew and continues to do so to this day.

Grab the March 17th print edition of GLOBE to learn about Fergie’s latest adventures but in the meantime – do you think that Queen Elizabeth wishes that Fergie was still her biggest problem rather than Camilla Parker-Bowles? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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