Was Kate Gosselin Responsible for Jon Getting Fired from Waiter Job?

Was Kate Gosselin Responsible for Jon Getting Fired from Waiter Job?

Jon Gosselin can’t even manage to wait on tables without getting fired. You’ll recall, Jon was whiling away his time in Pennsylvania being a waiter at a local public, but it looks like Jon isn’t even fit to be a waiter.

Seriously, how pathetic do you have to be to be shitty at waiting tables? According to sources, Jon got fired for continually ‘blowing off shifts‘ and coming to work late. I guess he did have all those exclusive interviews to keep giving to In Touch Weekly, although I doubt they paid him enough money to last long without him getting another job.

However, Emily’s Pub [in Beckersville, Pennsylvania] won’t be able to discuss the reasons they fired him in public, nor will they be able to say anything negative about him in public. Sources tell Radar Online, “Jon had the restaurant sign a non-disclosure agreement stating they cannot speak negatively about him. He left the restaurant a few months ago. [He was fired] because he had no work ethic and felt he could come and go as he pleased.”

Jon covered his bases well. Because he made sure the pub couldn’t speak ill of him, he’s already found another job and suckered them into hiring him. Apparently, he’s now working in sales for a credit card management company, which means he’ll probably end up getting fired even quicker than he did at the bar.

Of course, he doesn’t have to worry about child support anymore considering he’s completely waived his rights to having any say in the kids’ future. For all intents and purposes, Kate Gosselin is their sole parent now, and Jon is like that weird drunk uncle [who’s always between jobs] they meet every once in a while.

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  • jo

    He had a job when that show first started but money destroyed this couple he went off the deep end cheating while Kate was traveling with married body guard, so it was that show that destroyed them

  • thebutcher

    Holy man bashing. This guy had his life ruined by a psycho woman. A woman gets a free pass, but a guy can’t do anything without it being nit picked by catty women