‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Dancing With the Stars Taping – Hate Each Other!

'Bachelor' Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Dancing With the Stars Taping - Hate Each Other!

According to reports that will come as a shock to approximately zero people, Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell have taken to ignoring each other at public events. Who didn’t see this coming from a hundred miles away? Ever since the Bachelor aired on TV, it’s been clear that Juan Pablo is a douche of the highest order, and his relationship with Nikki was just a giant scam to rake in some quick publicity and cash, and then scamper when his time in the spotlight was done.

Nikki and Juan Pablo had been doing a fairly decent job of faking their relationship until now, with periodic updates and photo-ops. They’ve attended several events together, and made sure that their Instagram and Twitter pages were full of their ‘love’ for each other. However, new tabloid reports claim that whatever truce existed between them has now dissolved into active hatred.

A source tells Life & Style Magazine that Juan’s relationship with Nikki is ‘hanging by a thread‘, and that at a recent Dancing With The Stars taping, both of them were being obvious about their disdain for one another. Apparently, they did not speak to each other nor did they touch each other, and they were generally acting like two people who couldn’t stand each other, not two people who were supposedly in love and about to get married.

This is what happens when reality stars over commit to their future. Nikki knew that going into this meant that she had to pretend to like Juan Pablo, even if she secretly hated his guts. And Juan knew that he would have to control his douchier impulses, even it meant pretending to be a romantic. But alas, it looks like neither one of them could keep up the charade any longer. It’ll be interesting to see how long their showmance lasts, but I give it a few more months at most.