Julia Roberts and Danny Moder Divorce – Husband Claims Julia’s a Bully and Ice Queen!

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder Divorce - Husband Claims Julia's a Bully and Ice Queen!

Julia Roberts used to be known as America’s Sweetheart, but it was a title that her step-sister, Nancy Motes, long fought against. Now, it seems that even Julia’s husband, Danny Moder, is on board with those who say that his wife is pretty cut throat and a bully. Julia has always been in control of her marriage and Danny has been reduced to Mr. Mom.

She realizes that when they first got together he was married and so she is afraid that if she loosens her grip then Danny will cheat on her too. According to the June 2nd print edition of Star Magazine, the suicide of Nancy has also effected the way that Danny views his wife.

Apparently, after years of being bullied himself, he now realizes just how far Julia is capable of going. Her relentlessly cold-hearted behavior directly connected to Nancy deciding to take her own life, and it’s a reality that Danny is having a hard time with. He also informed his wife that he wants to spend three weeks working on a documentary in the Pacific Ocean and her first response was to inform him that she isn’t funding his project. Hearing that he had other backing ticked Julia off because she can’t control his ability to go on this trip and she hates losing control of his movements.

The couple has reportedly tried couples therapy but the result hasn’t been so great. Instead of helping them to pull together, it’s demonstrating just how far apart they really are. Are Julia and Danny going to be the next big Hollywood couple to divorce? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Houx

    After I saw her in Eat, Pray, Barf, I realize she wasn’t acting at all that is how she must be. Never satisfied. Then she is on Oprah to talk about the movie and all she could talk about was herself. Oprah kept trying to bring her back on topic and she was so into herself.
    Stupid movie. I am so glad to see her fail in marriage. She was just a hooker in the Pretty Woman fantasy movie. She looks like a horse..

    • mamakat

      what a horrible person you are to be happy over someone else’s pain!!!

  • Houx

    She was faking it. Anyone that talk that much about their spouse is trying to convince them self that it is soooooooo great.

    • PassionQueen77

      That is you if you don’t want to believe if Julia Roberts is divorcing her husband. I believe it is true. She is telling the truth. All you haters made an accounts on here for nothing. Stop coming on here telling others that this is not true. You guys sound very childish. Anytime it comes as a celebrity about something you guys say that it is not true don’t believe it. Yeah right. I see you guys true colors. Grow up and start acting like a big adult. Why make others feel bad on here about celebrity gossip. Go find a book or go find something to do with your life.

      • Donna Breeden

        Is she really a bad person? ??

        • PassionQueen77

          What are you talking about. You seem very lost. I didn’t say that Julia Roberts is a bad person so don’t put words in my mouth. If you don’t know what you are saying on here then why did you bother commenting on my posts.

      • Donna Breeden

        Is she really

        • PassionQueen77

          Kids these days.

  • Judy Duckworth

    There are always going to be those who are so jealous of a beautiful woman and her truly amazing career. Pay no mind to the ugly naysayers. Look what they did to the memory of Marilyn Monroe. I have no problem if my daughter wAnts to be just like her. Go “pretty woman” you’re a great person.