Justin Bieber Got Selena Gomez And Two Other Women Pregnant – Paid Them Off To Keep Quiet!

Justin Bieber Got Selena Gomez and Two Other Women Pregnant - Paid Them Off To Keep Quiet!

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest celebrity train wrecks out there right now and we only know a small portion of what really has gone on in his life. Justin has a solid team behind him and when he screws up — which is often. He expects them to clean up the mess without even bothering him. Justin’s carelessness is already apparent, but it also carries over into his sex life. It was rumored that he got Selena Gomez pregnant a few years ago and now according to the June 30th print edition of InTouch magazine she’s not the only one to have a positive pregnancy test!

Sources say that since 2010 there have been two more legitimate paternity claims and that Justin’s way of dealing with them was to take care of things financially so that the young mother’s would leave him alone. Apparently, that’s how Justin likes to handle anything negative in his life — pay it off so that it’ll disappear. His handler’s have come to expect everything and anything from Justin because he is such a mess and they are always prepared to write a check in order to stifle bad press.

Are you surprised that Biebs may have a few kids out there? Selena supposedly miscarried but the other two reportedly did not. Are Bieber’s kids better off with a chunk of his cash rather than him being present in their lives? Also, if these women were paid off, do you think that they’ll eventually resurface or is it now an embarrassment to admit that Biebs is your baby daddy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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6 responses to “Justin Bieber Got Selena Gomez And Two Other Women Pregnant – Paid Them Off To Keep Quiet!”

  1. N/a says:

    This sounds fake ……

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  3. ted says:

    this is [expletive]

  4. Wow says:

    yeah right. who would be dumb enough to accept a single payout when you could have him on the hook for 18 yrs?????

  5. animewolf says:

    That mother…. The Selena part is probably fake but the other two aren’t