Justin Bieber Obsessed With Sex, Selena Gomez Thinks He’s Fascinated by Strippers and Hookers?

Justin Bieber Obsessed With Sex, Selena Gomez Thinks He's Fascinated by Strippers and Hookers?

According to new reports, Justin Bieber is ‘obsessed‘ with sex. Wow, what a revelation. A 20-year-old boy is obsessed with sex – stop the presses!

Seriously though, everyone at Justin’s age is obsessed with sex. It’s called being a teenage boy and having hormones. But will that be a problem for Justin’s on-again/off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez?

I don’t get why everyone keeps acting like Selena’s some sort of saint that’s never drank, partied, or had sex before she met Justin. Um, she grew up in Disney – that’s pretty much a guarantee that she got a hard initiation into the young Hollywood lifestyle, whether she wanted it or not. Her family may be trying to pass her off as the perfect little princess, but be assured, she’s far from that.

Anyway, a ‘source’ tells Life & Style Magazine, “Selena thinks Justin’s sex-obsessed. She’s actually caught him cheating. Selena could reveal that he likes to watch porn and has a fascination with strippers and hookers.”

Again, DUH. However, the source also adds that despite his ‘sex obsession’, Justin’s also super in love with Selena and wants to move in with her. Well, of course he does. That’ll just mean more sex for him and less travelling. Ok, I kid, I kid. They’re teenagers in love, of course they want to move in together. Plus, with Selena disowning her parents and firing them, she probably needs another base of emotional operations – and what better place then her on-again/off-again boyfriend?

Honestly, I can see this relationship completely imploding sooner rather than later, but for now, these two just continue to provide the entertainment. There never seems to be a dull moment with them, and if they do move in together, I can only imagine the shenanigans they will get up to.

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