Selena Gomez Fired Her Parents After Justin Bieber’s Ultimatum: “It’s Them or Me”

Selena Gomez Fired Her Parents After Justin Bieber's Ultimatum: "It's Them or Me"

Selena Gomez reportedly fired her parents last month, although the news is just starting to spread now. Of course, sources close to Selena confirm to CDL what we’ve all been thinking – that this had something to do with Justin Bieber.

As we’ve seen [or rather, heard], Selena’s parents have tried desperately to prevent her from seeing Justin, including holding an intervention for her. They seem to think that she’s just a twee little girl who can’t make her own decisions, and is getting negatively influenced by the big, bad Justin Bieber. Seriously, do they not realize that she’s older than him? It’s a point where their excuses for her are becoming ridiculous. She’s a grown adult, and she can make her own decisions. If she can’t handle Justin’s lifestyle, then she should never have gone back to him in the first place – but her parents trying to force her to stop seeing Justin probably had the exact opposite effect on her.

According to reports, it was Justin who initiated the conversation about Selena’s parents. After they tried interfering numerous times in the relationship, sources tell CDL that he gave Selena an ultimatum: to fire her parents or he leaves her. And you know what? As soon as she fired her parents, she and Justin started uploading selfies online, filming themselves in dance studios, and generally being much more public with their romance.

And yes, she’s definitely partying more and is at a higher risk for relapse and going back to rehab. But again, how is that any of Justin’s fault? Selena’s parents are trying to pretend like their daughter is a perfect little angel, and that Justin was the one who corrupted her. But it’s good that she excised that level of control from her life, because she seriously needs to be able to make mistakes and learn from them – or she’ll never grow.

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Selena Gomez tries her best to hide her face from the camera while arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on April 10, 2014. Selena was arriving from Miami where she was seen spending time with her on-again off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber. Selena also announced that she has fired her parents as her managers

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5 responses to “Selena Gomez Fired Her Parents After Justin Bieber’s Ultimatum: “It’s Them or Me””

  1. kate says:

    I love you Selena but this out of control. You are what 21 years old. Why be with the Justin when you have a million other guys out there for yo?. I mean older too. Why date an immature 20 year old who cares about is his stupid music and how big ego he is. At this age all guys thinks is sex. Once he hooked on you he probably sleeping with the other girls. I understand it hard to get over your first love but open your eyes. Justin fame literally took over him. He’s like wannabe bad boy, drugged up, and make dumb as decisions. Your parents support you all this year and this is how you treat them by firing them because you can’t see justin. They are just helping you so that you don’t get hurt and mess up your life. Being with Justin just shows that your life is turning into a bad role model not good. Just saying. Don’t agree it’s fine your life but just take my advice.

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  4. abbyrose says:

    She’s a dirty little hooker…..coke much crack head?

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