Kate Gosselin Tried To Cut BFF Off From Book Earnings and Credit – Greedy and Dishonest?

Kate Gosselin Tried To Cut BFF Off From Book Earnings and Credit - Greedy and Dishonest?

Kate Gosselin‘s life seems to be completely devoid of friends, right? The last time we can remember her having friends was on Jon and Kate Plus 8, where she was besties with her neighbor, Beth Carson. Beth and her husband, Bob Carson, would help out Kate and Jon Gosselin with their kids every time they got a chance, and Kate and Beth ended up becoming quite close. Beth even made several guest appearances on the reality show, but their friendship quickly fizzled out.

Years later, Beth is now opening up about what caused the end of their relationship. Apparently, Beth actually helped Kate write her first book, Multiple Blessings, but Kate spent the whole time trying to diminish Beth’s role in the novel. She tried to take credit and cut Beth off from what she was owed, and what self-respecting person is going to stand for that?

Beth tells Radar, “We agreed on a 50/50 split and it was fair, although I did do all the writing, absolutely, did all the writing . . . it was without a doubt Kate’s story. She told me the story and I wrote it. Absolutely, I wanted to take nothing away from the fact that it was her story. But I put a lot of work into it. I didn’t know that Jon was even on the book until it was published and Kate tried diligently to get my name removed from everything.”

Can you imagine? Beth wrote the book, and yet she finds out that her name is barely associated with it once it releases? In my opinion, she was far too trusting of Kate, but it looks like she learned her lesson. And what’s worse, Beth admits that if it wasn’t for her lawyer, Kate would have managed to take her name off everything and not owed her a single penny. Yikes.

In the end, Beth did get the 50% cut that she was promised, although her role in the novel was vastly reduced in the aftermath. But at that point, she’d just about had enough, and was done with Kate and her thieving antics.

Well, add professional thief to the long line of things that Kate Gosselin is capable of. Not only did she try to take the credit for the book, she did it so blatantly that she ended up alienating her only friend.

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