Kate and Jon Gosselin Both Trying For New Reality TV Shows

Kate and Jon Gosselin Both Trying For New Reality TV Shows

Are Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin both trying for new reality shows? That’s the only thing that can excuse their behavior of late, where they have been more famewhore-y than usual. Jon’s taken to dissing Kate in every interview that he gets a chance, which has been quite a few over the past few months. Why is he getting so much publicity, especially considering he’s supposedly broke? If he hired a publicist, where’d he get the money? And if he didn’t, why are all these major outlets agreeing to interview him?

Something’s fishy, but I’m guessing there’s more going on behind-the-scenes. Either that, or Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin are more relevant than I give them credit for. Then again, there’s Kate’s desperate attempts to recapture her glory days, including being omni-present on Twitter and trying to launch various products under her name. With the recent failure of her cookbook, I’m guessing she realized that she’s not cut out to give advice to other people.

In fact, Jon and Kate, ironically enough, were best at being reality show famewhores. Sure, it affected their relationship when they were on the show, but they were good at causing drama, which obviously increased the ratings for their show. And a little birdie tells us that Jon and Kate are both looking to get their own reality shows, which is why they’ve been so present in the media lately. Kate thinks that despite her cookbook and business failures, she still has a strong Twitter following, and she can leverage that into a show. Jon, on the other hand, has been giving interview after interview in the hopes that he’ll be able to prove that he still has the ability to draw interest, especially with his controversial remarks about his ex-wife.

What do you guys think? Should Jon and Kate each get their own reality show?


  • MabelD


  • Angel 2009

    Absolutely not! One go around with these two was more than enough! Their fifteen minutes are up and it’s time for them to sink into obscurity

  • Reality

    Kate was cancelled due to lack of viewership and dislike. She is not an entertainer, and has nothing new to bring to the table. Not even personality. Jon, I think was venting because of her lawsuit and got some needed, easy money They both need to go away now, so stop writing about them.

  • Not A Fan

    Kate Gosselin is boring and frumpy. At least Jon Gosselin has character and would cater towards a certain demographic/group. Kate already tried the “Kate Plus My 8” thing along with the “recycled soup can” cookbook and failed because she’s boring beyond belief. I would give the edge to Jon and say it’s possible for him considering he is now rumored to be working 2-3 jobs. Kate does nothing but live on millions doing nothing. I would say her 15 minutes are up.

  • Chablis

    Kate should never be allowed on TV again. Those kids have finally settled into a normal life ….don’t listen to Kate’s lies about how much they want back on the tube. Maybe they can do an update show when the kids are 16. :) In the meantime Kate should should find meaningful employment in a nearby town. Don’t know what it will take to convince Kate that she has not marketable talent for TV . Most of her twitter followers are bought and paid for ….or so the rumor goes. :)

  • Chablis

    Jon would need a bodyguard if he ever got a reality show. The sheep would not be able to handle it.

  • Lynn

    They are both exploiting their children for financial gain. I would not support anything that they do