Kate Gosselin’s Kids Sacrificed For Her Brand – Damaged by Mother’s Harsh Ways

Kate Gosselin's Kids Sacrificed For Her Brand - Damaged by Mother's Harsh Ways

Did you happen to catch Kate Gosselin’s interview earlier this week? I guess she figured that her twins Mady and Cara can be the new stars of the family but within 35 seconds it became clear- on live television – that this was another forced job. Those kids didn’t want to be there discussing what it’s like to be a Gosselin, Kate just thinks that people will want to hear what they have to say. According to the Jan. 27th print edition of In Touch absolutely nothing about their lives is normal.

We have heard Jon Gosselin insist that Kate’s control freak nature is ruining the kids but now other sources close to the family readily agree. While the family lives on a big property near Reading, PA. The Gosselin kids rarely play with other kids outside of the family. Jon claims that now when he does see the kids every other weekend even if he takes them to a park, they are too timid to try and make friends. He has worried that they don’t know how to interact with other people and it seems others echo the same sentiment.

The Gosselin kids for the most part stay indoors and Kate has super strict rules. They have to ask for every drink or for permission to go to the bathroom. It sounds more like they are being held hostage inside and only let out when Kate thinks that it will benefit the family brand. I have to wonder what kind of punishment was waiting for Cara and Mady after that television interview bombed, don’t you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!