Kate Middelton’s Pregnancy Interferes With Next Official Trip With Prince William to Scotland?

Their New Zealand and Australia trip was a spectacular success, so it makes sense that Prince William and Kate Middleton would officially sign on for another royal engagement pretty soon. And although they won’t engage in another weeks-long tour anytime soon, their next official trip will be to Scotland for ‘a day of meets and greets.’ Of course all this could change and be subject to last minute alteration if Kate is pregnant and suffering morning sickness as reported.

They will be traveling to Scotland on May 29th for a quick joint engagement, and they’ll reportedly be traveling the countryside and meeting important dignitaries, as usual. Will and Kate will be visiting Strathearn, Perth, and Kinross, and they’ll also be touring the Famous Grouse distillery and meeting youths at the Strahearn Community Campus in Crieff.

Obviously, Will and Kate have a special place for Scotland in their hearts, considering that it’s where they first met at University of St. Andrews, in Fife. Since Scotland is so close to England, they’re able to do quick tours and meet-and-greets like this without getting bogged down in travel arrangements, and they also won’t have to worry about spending too much time away from Prince George. 

Although the public has been clamoring for more George in the wake of their tour down under, it’s unlikely that Will and Kate are planning to trot him out again anytime soon. His name is not listed on the Scotland trip, and although candids of him are possible [if the paparazzi are enterprising enough], we probably won’t seem him again until his birthday.

What do you guys think of Kate’s and Will’s next joint engagement in Scotland? Are you excited to see the royals again, or are you still burnt out from their tour? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Editor’s Note: Let’s not forget that the Scottish independence referendum is being held in September and it is something the English dearly wish to be defeated – so this trip by popular Kate and Will is no coincidence.

2 responses to “Kate Middelton’s Pregnancy Interferes With Next Official Trip With Prince William to Scotland?”

  1. auds says:

    maybe if they did take George with them to Scotland,their popularity will be even more of a success.the Scots need to be cheered up and on and a baby just might do it.Of course then it means taking Nanny and extra Security.Maybe they could just visit their alma Mater one day with george.People might like that.

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