Kate Middleton Crushing On Brad Pitt, Wants Him Knighted by Queen Elizabeth – Report

Kate Middleton Crushing On Brad Pitt, Wants Him Knighted by Queen Elizabeth - Report

Isn’t this cute? Kate Middleton has a little crush on Brad Pitt. According to recent reports, she’s launched a little mini-campaign to get Brad knighted. Honestly, if TV actors and B-list British celebrities can get knighted, Brad Pitt should have been knighted a long time ago.

Either way, the National Enquirer’s sources explain, “Ever since [AngelinaJolie was rewarded with the honorary title of ‘Lady’ for her humanitarian activities, Kate’s been whispering to the Queen, plugging Pitt’s incredible humanitarian efforts — like using his construction expertise to build houses for New Orleans folks made homeless by Hurricane Katrina.”

I can totally see how Kate would have had a crush on Brad Pitt in his heyday, but would she use her influence to get him knighted? I don’t see why not, since the royals use their powers for far more mundane things on a daily basis. Truthfully, Brad does deserve the honor, especially since they seem to be handing out knighthood nilly-willy nowadays anyway. Plus, it’s just hilarious to think of Prince William being jealous of Brad Pitt. And now, I kind of want Will and Kate to have a double date with Brad and Angelina, or at least, have them meet at some fancy event. Deciphering their body language would be extremely entertaining, not to mention informative. Kate crushing on Brad, Will jealous of Brad, and Brad and Angelina not giving two sh*ts about the royals.

Ok, maybe that’s harsh – but trust me, Brad and Angelina have better things to do than chase knighthoods. I’m sure Angelina was honored with her knighthood, but right now, their goals are Best Director Oscar for Angelina, Best Actor Oscar for Brad, and a Nobel Peace Prize thrown in for good measure.

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