Kate Middleton Petrified of Prince William’s Partying, Cheating and Mistress Hunting? (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton Petrified of Prince William's Partying, Cheating and Mistress Hunting? (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton and Prince William have a wonderful and trusting relationship, right? When they’re apart, Prince William stays locked up in his apartment and sits there, writing letters to his beloved wife and refusing to spend time with any other woman. HAH. As if.

Maybe Will and Kate really do have a trusting relationship, because Will’s recent partying would raise the eyebrows of anyone who’s been married. Do married men jet off to another for a good friend’s wedding without their wife, and then proceed to get absolutely hammered and flirt with numerous girls? Well, I guess married royals do, and in that particular scenario, Will is absolutely following the norm. I mean, we can’t have a future king that is actually devoted to his wife, right?

For real though, why couldn’t Kate have gone along with him? I mean, don’t most people bring their wives as their plus 1 to their wedding? And don’t give me that crap about Kate having to stay back to look after Prince George. They have a nanny, and if they can leave George with the nanny throughout most of the Australia and New Zealand tour, I’m sure they could have left him with her for a couple of days while they both went to the US.

Even apart from that, there’s also the little issue of Will coming into contact with his ex-girlfriends, too often for comfort, I’d imagine. For example, when Kate and George were in Mustique with her family last year, Will was spotted on vacation with his ex-girlfriend, Jecca Craig. Yes, there were other people there, but how on earth did Kate keep her cool with her husband hanging out with his ex? That too, on vacation? And that’s not even the only time that’s happened – with Cressida Bonas hanging around, you can bet that Will managed to run into his ex-girlfriend and love of his life, Isabella Calthorpe, Cressida’s half-sister and Kate’s mortal enemy.

Ok, maybe mortal enemy is a bit of an exaggeration, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Kate is extremely threatened by this woman and her hold on Will’s heart.

Basically, there are many, many incidents that would raise the eyebrows of any wife, much less a royal wife – and this Memphis trip just happened to top it off. Is it possible that Will is following the Cambridge family tradition of cheating on his wife? We’ve seen the way Prince Charles found Camilla Parker-Bowles even as he was married and had children with Princess Diana, and while I’d like to think that Will and Kate have a stronger relationship than that, you never know. I never thought that Will would party the way he did in Memphis, but there you go. Prince Harry may be the public face of the royal wild child, but Will’s just managed to keep his side hidden from the public. Now, the hypothetical cherry on top of the sundae would be adding a mistress to the mix.

Do you guys think Will would ever cheat on Kate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Some snaps of Prince William and Prince Harry last weekend at their pal’s wedding festivities

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9 responses to “Kate Middleton Petrified of Prince William’s Partying, Cheating and Mistress Hunting? (PHOTOS)”

  1. Phillipa says:

    Sadly ,I do not believe that this marriage will last.It will be Charles and Diana all over again in some years to come,minus the rose war since Kate doesn’t have Diana’s reserve.I feel sorry for Kate ,but then again I can’t shake the feeling that she’d never have married William if it hadn’t been for his royal status neither does she put more hours into the job than she absolutely must.The future King will be head of the Church of England ,cheating or an open marriage will not be acceptable for the couple representing the church(the church bit is why people feel uncomfortable about a future King Charles and consort Camilla).With today’s everwatching media ,any cheating will surface sooner or later.Those who have been made to believe that the two of them are a model couple ,will feel cheated ,indeed.Even more worrysome is the fact that Kate would be expected to take on Prince Philip’s workload one day,one of the hardest working royals.Can you see her fill Philip’s “working boots”?I thought not.

    • woonsocket says:

      She will never leave William if it ever happened. She wanted the job too much to give up the perks & William knows it. Calthorpe was never seriously interested in him but it still burns knowing that your guy is around her.

      • Dilla says:

        Isabella is married so why would she cared…and based on a picture how can u tell if he is happier without kate around…Shesa new mum so wanting to spend more time with george could be a reason why she did not attend the festivities…Be more positive..its pathetic to see how most ppl like tow spend their waking hour wishing others to bemiserable..whether they make it together till the end or not they do not need our permission…

  2. Grace Handy says:

    I have no idea if Will and Kate will go the distance … but, as we say here across the pond … the apple never falls far from the tree.

  3. Racquel Garnette says:

    Oh well he is a guy. Guys can’t help themselves of who they are with. They like to bounce to woman to woman. I knew this relationship is not going to last. Prince William was bored at home so he decided to party and party. Kate Middleton just gave her birth to her baby like 2 years ago. If he cheats on her then she will be a single mother raising a kid at home. That is how guys are, they want to be entertain all the time. I wish Kate Middleton the best.

  4. Val says:

    If William does honor his mother at all he will not cheat! Think about what we DO know… Prince William was there for his mother to lean on when she was cheated on and was going to grow up and restore her HRH status… I think that is why it took so long for them to get married.. He wanted to make sure! They have been together for almost 10 or right at it.. From what I understood the reason why the duchess didn’t come to the Memphis (yes I live here) was it was a wedding and with global media here she didn’t want to over shadow the bride, which if true is rather selfless.. To send her husband to another country with his brother, notorious prince Harry, to enjoy themselves!! From what I have seen they both did no harm no foul.. Get off her back! Geeeezzzzz!!! Even if she did everything right people would still complain!! Get over it!!!!

  5. woonsocket says:

    Harry went to the without his girlfriend. The story is a “separation” between the two. How convenient. Is it just a coincidence???

  6. L Luke says:

    Kate would never let him go. No. Way. Not going to happen. I think she will do exactly as she’s instructed to do, as always. And little else. William knows this very well. I have no idea if he cheats but I don’t doubt it as well as really don’t care either way. But Kate will never leave him.

  7. Dilla says:

    Why would he cheat when he saw what cheating does to his parents relationship..Americans are so trashy..cheating seems to be in your blood..Real uncivilized people..Stupidity run like a desease amongst people these days..