Kate Middleton and Prince William Divorce Shocker: Isabella Calthorpe Cheating To Blame – Australian Trip Cancelled

Kate Middleton and Prince William Divorce Shocker: Isabella Calthorpe Cheating To Blame - Australian Trip Cancelled

The British people are currently reeling in shock, just moments ago Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton announced they will be cancelling their Australian tour. A source has confirmed that they young royal couple will be going their separate ways, and are working through an amicable divorce. (It can takes years for an average couple to settle a divorce, it may take decades for the Prince to do so.) Regardless, there will be a royal divorce in the English Court’s future, no news yet on the custody of the royal baby, Prince George.

Details are sparse as to why Kate and Will have officially called it quits, but they have been working through problems for quite a while on the down low. It was clear there was trouble in paradise at the beginning of this year when Kate packed up the baby and sailed off to an exclusive vacation with the Middletons, leaving Price William back in London.

Multiple sources are reporting that Prince William’s ex flame, actress Isabella Calthorpe is the underlying reason for their break-up. It’s not a secret that William ditched Kate when they were dating and even proposed to Isabella, after Isabella turned him down he went crawling back to Kate and she took him back (of course she took him back – her mother Carole and she had been plotting to marry Will for almost a  decade) and they eventually were married and had a baby together. Kate and William’s marriage was basically doomed from the start.

Surely by now you have figured out this is an April Fool’s Joke! But, in all seriousness if anyone is going to come between Kate Middleton and Prince William, my money is on Isabella Calthorpe, and rumors have been surfacing that she may still be interested in the royal hunk. Do you think there is any chance she will come between Kate and William… again? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • sunny

    No you fool, she’s married to Sam Branson. As an April Fool’s joke, this isn’t even remotely funny. You folks are the fools.

    • jody

      you mean to say that because Isabella and Will are married they can’t cheat????

      • DuchessLazy

        Tell that to Jecca ! LOL, Willy made sure he visited Jecca without Waity. Wonder what they did all by themselves…..

    • DuchessLazy

      Yes it’s real funny. Most people hope that Willy will start doing more work as a royal and that he’ll ditch Waity as well. She’s the most boring, self-centered , lazy thing to hit the corrupt royal family in eons….

  • Lara

    I thought this was a riot! Middleton probably wasn’t amused!

    • DuchessLazy

      Yes. I loved reading every line of it !

  • jody

    but we think it’s funny and more than that, they story is based entirely on fact.

    • DuchessLazy

      Yes it was delicious !!!!!! To see such truth in an article for once !

  • DuchessLazy

    OH if only the story WAS true ! Waity the lazy, dim-witted parasite, gone !!! It may yet happen, marriages do crumble.

  • DuchessLazy

    Waity….the Ultimate Desperate Doormat. Now she’s turned into the Ultimate Lazy Pointless Duchess Do-Little. Willy and Waity bonded over their mutual laziness and love of drinking….

  • DuchessLazy

    Then likely you live life thru Waity ?

  • Raketa Alba

    spam! pam pam

  • Bette Evert

    Another baby? Ofcourse. …for $… £…
    Just a fact…No one renovated as many homes as she has and never calls the place “home”. Any Psychologist would have fun with that many cracks in the foundation. (Marriage, that is).
    And wanting to move home to mommy all the time, my God, it’s called, I have money, I’ll move my family in and live like the real

  • kelly033165

    I thought the mariage was doomed from the start! One tell tale sign…. the wedding was a ONE ring ceremony! Like father like son!