Keith Urban’s Impending Relapse Forces Nicole Kidman Divorce: Can’t Handle More Rehab!

Keith Urban's Impending Relapse Forces Nicole Kidman Divorce: Can't Handle More Rehab!

Keith Urban just admitted in a new interview with Rolling Stone Magazine that Nicole Kidman saved his life. Is that why they’re still together? Look, for all the divorce and breakup rumors, Keith clearly feels indebted to Nicole for saving his life and intervening during his substance abuse years. As he admits, if it wasn’t for her, he’d probably have ruined his life.

He explained, “I was very, very blessed to have Nic call an intervention on me. I had a tight group of friends around me for the intervention.”

Keith and Nicole got married not soon after, and Keith was fully sober and functional by that point. And since then, he’s seemingly stayed stable and focused on being a family man rather than someone constantly tortured by his past and his drug abuse. But with the divorce rumors heating up again, we can’t help but wonder if there’s more to this story that we’re not hearing.

For example, why bring up the drugs and rehab now? Keith is clearly trying to prove his love to Nicole in the most public manner possible, and one of the explanations for that could be that Keith is trying to get back on her good side. Perhaps he relapsed once or twice, and Nicole is now threatening to break it off for good?

Or perhaps he did relapse, and he’s the one who decided that he needed to take a break from Nicole? Either way, Keith’s substance abuse was a problem in the past, but would simply calling for an intervention help him now – and will Nicole even be willing to accept that side of him again, if it ever comes to that?

For now, we can still count the couple married, if not happily married. We really won’t know more about their marriage status until a couple of joint public appearances and some more speculation from sources close to Nicole and Keith.

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4 responses to “Keith Urban’s Impending Relapse Forces Nicole Kidman Divorce: Can’t Handle More Rehab!”

  1. Loop says:

    The person who wrote this has serious mental issues. And is scarily obsessed with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage. It’s like he/she desperately wants Keith and Nicole’s marriage to end but he/she can’t find anything wrong with them. So he/she makes up the most ridiculous, absurd stories, twisting every word Keith and Nicole say and every fact about their marriage. Absolutely disgusting site.

    • Miss FYI says:

      It’s the truth Nicole and Keith will divorce. They have kids together so I’m sure he’s adding more stress to her life with his drug addiction.

  2. Lou says:

    Way to take someone else’s more credible article, twist it to the way you want it to sound, and be factually incorrect at the same time … Well done, not!

  3. wicked says:

    I have a difficult time sorting out the credible from the incredulous. Way to go.. An addict, even a recovering addict is Always in Recovery. Thus, the term, ” One Day At A TIme”. Nice. Trash their marriage as being on the rocks and then question Keith’s sobriety. Good going!. Not!