Nicole Kidman Divorce: Keith Urban Cheating With Sexy Superstar? (PHOTO)

Nicole Kidman Divorce: Keith Urban Cheating With Sexy Superstar? (PHOTO)

Nicole Kidman is really having a rough year which might well end in divorce from Keith Urban. First she starred as Princess Grace in a film role that originally had Oscar buzz attached to it only to watch it literally crash and burn. Grace of Monaco is so bad that producers are desperately trying to block it from being released in the states. The backlash from that film sent Nicole running back to Australia to rethink her career which clearly has stalled – as has her marriage.

Meanwhile, according to the June 16th print edition of The National Enquirer her marriage has also hit a brick wall. The mag suggests that there is cheating with a ‘sexy superstar’ involved in the couple’s divorce. Keith Urban has spent the last several months bouncing from L.A. To Australia each week while he was filming American Idol and Nicole had a touch of the green-eyed monster. It’s not that she doesn’t want her husband to be successful but it stings more when she feels like a failure. The fighting between the two has reached epic proportions and now there is a third party in the mix which makes the chance of this marriage ending in divorce look pretty likely.

Speaking of divorce, it sounds like Julia Robert’s marriage to Danny Moder is now truly hanging by a thread. She has been under fire in recent months do to rumors that she bullied her step-sister Nancy Motes right up until the day that she committed suicide last Feb. Apparently the whole situation caused Moder to see his wife in a different kind of light and he is ready to end his marriage to “America’s sweetheart”. Julia is apparently making things worse by turning to another man for comfort!

How on earth are John Travolta and Kelly Preston even still together? You would think after the second or third lawsuit filed against him Kelly would have distanced herself. Instead according to National Enquirer she is issuing yet another ultimatum to her always on the DL husband. Is Robert Kennedy Jr. cheating on Cheryl Hines now that the two have announced their impending marriage? Sounds like a typical Kennedy family member to me! So who do you think is more likely to end up in divorce court first, Nicole or Julia? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: National Enquirer

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