Khloe Kardashians Jewelry Stolen By Lamar Odom’s Drug Dealers to Settle His Crack Debt

Khloe Kardashians Jewelry Stolen By Lamar Odom's Drug Dealers to Settle His Crack Debt

It looks like Khloe “The Detective” Kardashian may need to call for some back up on the jewelry caper case she is working on. Sources close to Lamar “Crack Rock” Odom and familiar with his drug deals have come forward with new information regarding the stolen jewels. Even though Lamar is in Spain, don’t think that means he did not have anything to do with the burglary. Word on the curb is that he had everything to do with.

According to TMZ:

Multiple sources involved in Lamar’s drug deals last year tell TMZ…Lamar wasn’t paying his tab. In fact, our sources say he was in the hole $15K to just one dealer back in Sept. and he owed another more than $40K.

Lamar would fend them off by saying he was loaded and therefore good for it. He would also justify not paying from time to time because the quality of the drugs was “whack.”

We’re told Lamar owed 10’s of thousands of dollars to drug dealers when he left for Spain last month.

Now the plot thickens. We’re told Lamar was getting text messages threatening his safety and also warning him they would break into his home to get even.

CDL reported on the burglary and Khloe honing her sleuthing skills just yesterday. We cautioned Khloe to look directly to her inner circle, specifically not to cross Lamar off her list of suspects just because he is currently in Spain. Well it looks like we were right, for the most part. If Lamar is getting threats from his various drug suppliers, he just may have given them the okay from Spain to go in and grab those jewels. We already know things are tense between the couple as Khloe not only turned down Lamar’s attempts at reconciliation but has also been spotted getting cozy with Matt Kemp and The Game recently. Lamar was probably in Spain thinking he could kill two birds with one stone; he could settle his debt with the drug dealers and settle the score to get even with Khloe for rejecting him. Whatever the case is, crack is clearly whack.

Khloe girl, CDL wants you to be careful. We may not care too much for your fame whoring family but we do care for your safety. Hang up that detective suit and allow law enforcement to handle this. You were not born with a plastic spoon in your mouth; you were born with a silver one. It is one thing to date a hood guy and quite another one to mess with his money. Leave all of this to the professionals and go shoot a scene for your family’s reality show. With any luck, maybe the ratings will go up and you can forget this little bit of chump change.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet