Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Snub Beyonce: Blow Off Tina Knowles Birthday Bash

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Snub Beyonce: Blow Off Tina Knowles Birthday Bash

Your best friend is having a lavish party to celebrate her young daughter’s 2nd birthday. She’d invite you and your fiancé and child, right? You are recently engaged and getting all your friends lined up to be part of the bridal party. You invite your best friend and she gladly accepts, right? Your bestie is having an “epic” party for their mom in New Orleans. You eagerly attend, right? Of course! But Kim Kardashian’s dream of attaching herself to the star that is Beyonce by making it appear they are the best of friends is clearly just that… a dream.

Tina Knowles big 60th birthday bash in New Orleans on Saturday January 11th was true A-List level, complete with a marching band leading the way for the birthday girl. Hmmm… A-List party, A-List celebs, lots of fanfare… so it could not be more obvious that two guests were conspicuously missing from the soiree. While Kris Jenner was sure to photobomb every picture taken (and by photobomb, I mean simply having her face in each photo), Kim and Kanye West were noticeably absent. This on the heels of the recent alleged snub by Beyonce by declining Kim’s offer to be a bridesmaid in her wedding to Kanye.

So, was this no-show a deliberate move on Kim’s part to show Bey exactly how it feels to be snubbed? Not that Bey was crying in the corner over Kim’s absence. You may wonder what pressing event kept K & K away from a very important party such as Bey’s mom’s birthday. Well, surprisingly Kim and Kanye attended a birthday party, obviously on a much smaller scale, at The Ivy on Saturday the 11th in Los Angeles.

You may write that off as a scheduling conflict, but how is one to explain Kimye’s absence from Blue Ivy’s birthday party? Both couples have children, so wouldn’t it make sense to have your best friends and their children at your child’s birthday party? Considering they surely had the room for more guests (they rented a zoo!), it is highly suspect that Kim and Kanye were nowhere near the kid party. In fact, Kim was busy tweeting yet another selfie upon “waking up” in the AM (minus eye gunk and messy hair, of course) talking about the day ahead when she’ll be skiing.

So, it makes sense that the bridesmaid-dis from Beyonce was, in fact, true despite Gossip Cop’s usual attempt at calling it a rumor, stating that Kim’s camp swears she hasn’t gotten that far in the nuptial planning yet. Really? What woman doesn’t start talking to her “girls” about being a part of her upcoming wedding within days of the engagement? Just like every woman with a man in her life, we all get stuck with our man’s best friend’s girlfriend whom we “tolerate” but don’t necessarily like. Beyonce is being kind to interact with Kim, but if Kim thinks this is the start of a BFF relationship, she is dead wrong. She would be delusional to think that her level of celebrity is equal to Bey. She is right on with her current partner-in-crime booty selfies, former stripper Blac Chyna, and that’s probably the level at which she should remain.

So, did Kim get a little peeved that Beyonce continually runs in the opposite direction of anything Kardashian and opt for a good stand-off in hopes of a reaction from Bey? Hopefully her attempt at a boycott will fare better than Kanye’s boycott of Louis Vuitton when he didn’t get the “respect” he wanted from the CEO, who declined a meeting with him. I think Bey will care just about as much as the CEO of L – which means LV doesn’t have to be in fear of ruin, and Beyonce needn’t worry she’ll lose any fans or sleep over Kim’s trying to teach her a lesson. Maybe this will finally be the wake-up call to Kim and she’ll realize she is “that girlfriend” that her man’s best friend’s wife is obligated to be kind to. Good luck with that, Kim.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Snub Beyonce: Blow Off Tina Knowles Birthday Bash

Image Credit: Instagram and FameFlymet

  • Jocelyn

    I doubt Kim would ever snub Bey

    • MorningStars

      Exactly. I just doubt she was invited. Bey supposedly doesn’t like her very much.

  • Sharmagne Weston

    It’s my understanding that Kanye was invited to Beyoncé’s mother’s B-day party; However, he had an adidas meeting that kept him from going so PMK went as his representative…his manager.

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  • anna harding

    LOL and really loud. Love it “and how do you know this”? uh …cause she was probably there…NOT…LOL again

  • dls

    How could anyone think kim kartrashian is on the same level as bey? One is pure trash kim and the other is class act bey

  • jackalexandria

    Friendship? Seriously? This is just so contrived its ugly. She probably wasn’t invited in the first place.

  • Mark

    Nobody cares about Beyonce’s moms birthday except their family and friends!!! This is a dumb story.