Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Second Child As Kanye West Ignores Her? (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Second Child As Kanye West Ignores Her? (PHOTO)

I don’t think anyone actually expects Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye West to last but is she pregnant again since it’s just a question of when they will split for good, right? The only common ground that these two really seem to have is their mutual thirst for fame and their baby girl, North West who gets marched out for a photo op here and there. Aside from that she is taking a book of selfies to market as her biography while Kanye is declaring himself godlike. We know that they fight, a lot, and Kanye himself has admitted that only a few short months in that marriage is tough.

According to the Sept. 8th print edition of Life & Style magazine Kim Kardashian fell victim to the idea of a band aide baby and got herself pregnant with a second child super fast. She knew that Kanye was hoping for a son and thought that if she was pregnant with a second child, especially if it was a boy, then maybe a split wouldn’t seem quite so imminent. Instead, Kanye is being his typically difficult self and has let the negativity escalate to a new level. The couple has never lived together and now Kanye won’t take Kim’s phone calls leading sources to believe that a break up while pregnant might actually be in Kimmie’s future.

I think we were all kind of shocked to see Kendra Wilkinson back together with Hank Baskett after he admitted to cheating on her with a transsexual last spring. According to Life & Style it may not be exactly as it seems though. Kendra still has her reality show to film in spite of the turmoil and so rather than run from everything she is using the show to make her husband look as foolish as possible. They need the paycheck and it’s also turning into a form of payback for Hank’s bad behavior!

Speaking of messy relationships, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon may not be saying much about their messy marriage but there is always an insider or two willing to talk, right? Life & Style pinned a family member down and they were more than willing to dish all of the dirty details that the couple would prefer that we didn’t know! Who did you think will announce a split first, Kim and Kanye or Mariah and Nick? Tell us in the comments below!
Cate Meighan

  • lulu

    Kim Can’t b preggers did u people see that corset she was just wearing. Do your research duhhh

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  • Diva_

    Lies how about you give away facts so your story can actually sell I’m not a fan of Kim K & I already know thats false !

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  • Kiki

    Whoever wrote this article should be fired, making up a story off the top of your head is not journalism, and whoever gave it the yes to be published must be just as clueless. Putting Kim and Kanye on the cover of an article will help sell it to those who are interested in the life of Kim and Kanye, with that said, a fan could simply skim this and already know that it may as well have been a literate donkey that lived under a rock for the past few years who wrote it. Just the most simple knowledge of the couple, like knowing that the have indeed lived together within Kim’s families houses and their own apartment for the last few years. Making up the majority of an article to the point where it’s blindingly obvious that that’s what has been done won’t up your readers, it will only sink your credibility and result in a majority of people who know anything about Kim and Kanye, which I would say to be a good chunk of your current readership, to no longer believe what is written on your website. Find good journalists, work to find real sources, real information because I know I won’t be reading another article from this website even though I’m not really a Kim and Kanye fan, I don’t think I’ll be the only reader you’ll loose. This says less about the failure of Kim and Kanye’s marriage and more about the failure of your site.

  • Wildone

    Can’t get pregnant. Swallowing it!