Kristen Stewart Dating Robert Pattinson in Her Dreams: Wakes Up and Sees Katy Perry With ‘Twilight’ Edward!

Kristen Stewart Dating Robert Pattinson in Her Dreams: Wakes Up and Sees Katy Perry With 'Twilight' Edward!

Kristen Stewart is like a dead bee in a bed: she’s absolutely useless, but she still manages to sting you in the face. The insufferable ingénue is infamous for her cheating shenanigans. Back in the ‘Twilight’ of her career, when she still dated co-star Robert Pattinson, Stewart went off the moral rails and crashed into director Rupert Sanders. The latter adulterer met Stewart on the set of Snow White & The Huntsman – he was her director and she was his actress/muse. Stewart was still “dating” Pattinson when news of the scandal broke. The co-stars huffed and puffed and went their separate ways.

Let’s digress for a bit.

Katy Perry was/is one of Stewart’s good friends. Stewart The Faketress cried in trees and jars during her breakup with Pattinson. Perry, being the good friend that she is, cut down the trees and broke the jars because that’s what friends do, right?


Instead, friends date exes of friends e.g. Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson. Immoral? Disloyal? Backstabber? None of the above. Karma, yes, a hot plate of steaming karma.

Unfortunately history is like The Bachelor’s dramatic OHMYGAWDSHE’SGONE rose ceremonies – it keeps repeating itself. Stewart’s gaudy dumb face is supposedly falling apart like an unstitched head on a Bruce Jenner wax statue. She wants some Pattinson in her life, but Pattinson is with Perry. Or is he?

Why is Hollywood so complicated?

Several conflicting reports state that Pattinson and Stewart are getting their Taylor Swift on (they’re getting back together). Their tumultuous past was as toxic as an old fart in a padded room, so why do they want to do it all over again? Rhetorical question.

Perry, Pattinson and Perky Bumbrains Stewart: Love Triangle!

What do you think? Are they getting back together? Let us know your valuable thoughts inn the comments below.

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  • WTF

    Just face the fact. You will never become a good writer!!! You will remain as you are. A low life person.

  • Marianne

    I’m still trying to work out how you can get stung by a dead bee.

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  • Usamed

    What Shit is this! The first and last time I come to this site. A lesson in how not to write an so called “article”, it just hateful IMO.

    Edit: Could/would not read the whole thing.

  • niki

    Kristen Stewart is a common hw starlet who uses the casting couch. IMO she used Rob for fame and has been always jealous of his bigger fame and publically cheated on him to bring him down.But it all backfired on her

  • gina

    Rob should come out with his new GF and be done with it. I hope he dates Katy.She is so right for him


    brain dead journalism again….same old crap story over and
    over again….

    life and stop worrying about kristen.

  • suckmyballshaters

    The stupidity of some people outstands me. I mean you say you hate kristen you dont like her,yet here you are looking like an a** taking your time to write about her. F***ing idiots.

  • Lodoe Sangmo

    This article not even TRUE just talks about bad stuff of KRISTEN STEWART so just shut the f*** up she has a better life than YOU and why pick on Kristen Stewart and not Katy Perry???!! You Reiner dont even know Kristen Stewart so stop with these fake stories and she isnt a fake attress. Your a big fat jerk who care for nothin in life and god will do somethin about that, have fun in life after this!!!