Both Kristen Stewart and Dylan Penn Attending Coachella 2014 – Which One Will Robert Pattinson Choose?

Both Kristen Stewart and Dylan Penn Attending Coachella 2014 – Which One Will Robert Pattinson Choose?

This weekend the annual Coachella music festival kicks off in California. Celebrities arrive in droves from all over the country to attend the highly-anticipated music festival. Twilight’s popular on-again off-again couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have attended Coachella together, hand in hand, for the last two years in a row. Robsten fans are waiting with bated breath to see who Rob will attend the festival with.

Twihards have been hoping for a Rob and Kristen reconciliation for months now. Last week media went into a frenzy when Rob Pattinson arrived in Los Angeles just days before Kristen Stewart’s birthday. Rumor had it Rob was planning to make a grand epic gesture and take Kristen out to dinner for her birthday and to formal announce they were a couple again. Rob and Kristen never went out on her birthday though, or any day since he arrived in Los Angeles for that matter. Now several sites are reporting that Rob and Kristen are postponing her birthday, and celebrating it this weekend when they hit up Coachella together. Despite their drama and whatever was or wasn’t going on between them, Kristen and Rob have set it all aside for the last two years and canoodled together at Coachella. If they are not seen at Coachella this year then it will be the final nail in the Robsten coffin.

Rumor has it Rob Pattinson’s other alleged girlfriend Dylan Penn has already planned a weekend of fun with her friends at Coachella to celebrate the launch of her NSFW magazine spread in Treats! Magazine. Rob and Dylan have been allegedly dating for six months now after they were spotted on PDA-filled date in Los Angeles last Fall.

So, Dylan Penn and Kristen Stewart are both going to Coachella? Yikes! The question on everyone’s mind – is Rob going to Coachella with Penn or Stewart? One can only imagine how crazy Kristen Stewart will become if she runs into Rob Pattinson at Coachella with Dylan after he ditches her, and vice versa. Who do you think Rob should show up to the festival with, Kristen Stewart or Dylan Penn? Let us know in the comment section below!

Editor’s Note: Reading Radar this morning I learned that Robert and Kristen had and continue to have a fairly open relationship with full disclosure of all peccadilloes – including sexual affairs with others, stemming back from the Rupert Sanders days. Furthermore, Kristen and Robert still hook-up whenever possible. Given that all this is true, I don’t see any reason that Rob can’t spend intimate time with both Dylan and Kristen while he enjoys Coachella 2014. Of course I’m not suggesting that we’ll hear about a threesome…. 

7 responses to “Both Kristen Stewart and Dylan Penn Attending Coachella 2014 – Which One Will Robert Pattinson Choose?”

  1. Dawn says:

    Why should Rob have to be with either woman? As for taking ks
    out for her birthday, I believe that is called wishful thinking. Rob
    needs to stay away from her. the false rumors never stop. I
    hope he goes to the festival and that he enjoys it. I do hope that
    he will be with real friends.

  2. Andrea Ramsey Yancey says:

    There was a sighting of Kristen in L.A. about 4 hours ago. Two, actually. One said they saw her on the highway and the othe said they saw her in a parking lot.

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  4. twilighter says:

    Actually Rob was seen at Coachella standing near some guy and later near Katy Perry. Guess that’s proof that he goes both ways. Moron logic at
    work. And he hasn’t been seen with Kristen in six months or Dylan Penn perhaps ever. Sure evidence that he has broken up with both of them.

  5. Julie Soule says:

    It’s all Speculation!