Kristen Stewart Forgives Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough For Fling – Still Sharing Villa at Cannes 2014

Kristen Stewart Forgives Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough For Fling - Still Sharing Villa at Cannes 2014

For all the stories that claimed that Kristen Stewart was furious at her BFF Riley Keough for hooking up with her ex-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, does she really have any right to be angry? Everyone pretty much runs in the same circles in Hollywood, especially young Hollywood, and it’s not like Rob could go looking for some random hookup on the street. Plus, Kristen was the one who cheated on Rob, not the other way around. So when the tabloids were claiming that Kristen’s friendship with Riley was ruined over the Rob debacle, I always thought it was a gross exaggeration of the truth.

Sure, I’m certain that Kristen was probably hurt, but she probably managed to hide her feelings pretty well. And now, it looks like Kristen and Riley have finally made up, perhaps due to the fact that Kristen and Rob are on speaking terms as well. There were several pictures uploaded of Kristen and Riley getting ready together for the MET Gala, and then attending Rihanna‘s afterparty together as well.

Kristen and Rob are set to see each other at the Cannes film festival, and if sources at the festival are right, Rob’s already planning to spend time with Kristen at the event. Instead of avoiding her, the former couple will be hanging out… and perhaps, more? Rob’s reportedly renting a private villa while he’s at the festival to ‘entertain’ guests, and considering Robsten’s history at Cannes, maybe the nostalgia and memories will be too powerful to resist?

Either way, Riley and Rob are history, Kristen and Rob are a mystery, and that means that Kristen and Riley can be friends again, without their past getting in the way.

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4 responses to “Kristen Stewart Forgives Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough For Fling – Still Sharing Villa at Cannes 2014”

  1. thebutcher says:

    Bobby, why are you soo obsessed with this no talent hack, cheating ho? Seriously, they’re done forever and it was obvious just a bs romance to sell their horrible movies. If you’re going to obsess over someone, you might want to find an actress that has atleast a tiny bit of talent

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  4. Denia Golding says:

    Trust me when I say… soul mates the fire that showed in twilight can not be match or faked… they were both young. Did not know or understand the meaning.. It is up to them… leave them to figure it out on their own.. I wish them the best.. and believe me when I say soul mate does happen … I first seen my when I was 12 knew then I was going to marry him did not hook back up till 23 and after 22 yrs still happly married everyday is just like the 1st time we meet… and fyi the sex gets better ever day