Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Dating Secrets: ‘Twilight’ RPatz Hook-Up Agenda?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Dating Secrets: 'Twilight' RPatz Hook-Up Agenda?

It’s been two years since the Twilight Saga ended, but the craziness surrounding Robert Pattinson has only gotten bigger. For one, the paparazzi literally follow him wherever he goes. For another, his love story with Kristen Stewart continues to dominate the headlines, even if the two haven’t been publicly spotted together in several months.

Granted, this is what happens when you take two franchise celebrities who used to date but broke up thanks to a major cheating scandal. It’s astonishing to me that Rob is still in touch with Kristen, much less that he actually got back together with her last fall and is supposedly having an on-again/off-again friends with benefits relationship with her now. Of course, he still refuses to acknowledge any of this, even though we should consider it a miracle that he even admitted that he’s still in touch with Kristen in his recent Hollywood Reporter profile.

Rob was recently spotted making his way through LAX Airport in Los Angeles, and he was obviously besieged by the paparazzi asking questions about Kristen. Everybody suspects that something is still going on between them, even though they haven’t confirmed their relationship status nor commented on their private life at all. All we know is that they’re still in touch, and Rob hasn’t had a rebound fling in a while.

So sure, he’s refusing to tell the paparazzi anything – why would he? But based on what our sources say, don’t expect Rob to speak to the media about his private life anytime soon, if ever. He’s particularly protective of his relationship with Kristen, especially after the way the media treated them in the past. I don’t know who he thinks he’s fooling with this no comment thing, but he should probably make sure Kristen doesn’t end up hooking up with yet another married director this time around.

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5 responses to “Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Dating Secrets: ‘Twilight’ RPatz Hook-Up Agenda?”

  1. Hilary says:

    Oh lay off it Bobby Fisher – this is such old news – why dont you get a life and start publishing what KS and RP are actually doing instead of bringing up the past. No wonder neither of them will talk to the media!

    I think that they love one another and if the media would stop trying to make money off Kristen’s affair (i think there is only one other person so persecuted and that was Christ) they would be more reconciled to chatting to the media and reuniting.

    Give it a rest!

  2. Chintami Karrina Poetri says:

    Because robert and kristen are not breaking up

  3. Ann says:

    What a pathetic writer you are. You appear as a biased bully who has no maturity. Mature people realize 22 year old young people get into many situations in which they learn from. Research has proven brains mature well into the mid to later 20s. Your bias against KS is not worth reading and just perpetuates the problem.

  4. Deb says:

    Bobby dude don’t you have a calendar near by somewhere in your office. The last public outing Robert and Kristen had was around the Coachella Festival 2013 because after that she was uninvited from his 27th birthday bash. Of course soon after that happened the rumors started going crazy about Robert hooking up with a variety of girls. Bobby invest in a calendar or check your calendar on your smartphone so you can keep better notes on the people you write about.

  5. Getting sick of this crap – and wasn’t Rob’s jaunt through the airport that day extra-special? We don’t have to agree on any other thing than to be MAD at the tabloids and paparazzi.

    The petition does not call for changing any US laws, nor does it mess with ‘Freedom of Speech’. For that reason, anyone of any age or location around the world can sign it – it’s for all celebrities and it’s WORTH a TRY. The way Hollywood treats it’s celebrities is NOT a NEW topic of discussion. People everywhere have been fed up with the way they are treated for decades.

    SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot to SIGN the PETITION for tabloid & paparazzi reform for ALL celebrities or brainstorm to figure out something else that WILL WORK. You’ll also find all the gory details on the stupid Twilight ‘cheating’ scandal finale – along with the history of The Twilight Saga and the unusual over-obsessions of Twilight & ANTI-Twilight Fans – especially older ones.