Robert Pattinson Prepares For Hot Secret Hookups In Sydney – Kristen Stewart Dying Of Jealousy!

Robert Pattinson Prepares For Hot Secret Hookups In Sydney - Kristen Stewart Dying Of Jealousy!

Robert Pattinson has touched down in Sydney, Australia for the Australian premiere of The Rover, which also co-stars Australian native Guy Pearce. The film premiered to strong reviews at the Cannes film festival, and for the first time in his life, Rob probably feels like a critically acclaimed actor, a feeling that he likely did not have while making the Twilight movies.

Of course, the attention, the adoration, and the critical acclaim that’s followed him recently probably means that he’s stalked more than ever now – especially by women. I don’t think Twi-hards will ever give up on him and Kristen Stewart getting back together, but I hate to break it to them – it definitely aint gonna happen while he’s globetrotting all over the world, landing in exotic locales with thousands of beautiful models and actresses all clamoring to hook up with the famous Robert Pattinson. And considering Rob’s track record in foreign locations, he’ll probably hook up with at least one person while he’s in Australia.

Plus, he’s far, far away from Los Angeles and the relentless paparazzi, and he’ll be able to go out with women without the paps following his every move. I’m sure some enterprising fan will probably get photos if Rob does end up with somebody, but at least he’ll have the semblance of privacy – something that he’s hard-pressed to get in the US.

The premiere takes place on Saturday, which will give Rob plenty of time to settle down and hit the town. Unfortunately for Kristen, that means that Rob definitely won’t be seeing her in the near future. Considering that the two still keep in touch, how awkward do you imagine that will be – especially if she calls him, and he never responds because he’s out with someone else? She’s not stupid though – I don’t think she expects Rob to stay single for long, and she’s probably bracing herself for the day that he finally gets a new girlfriend, not just another rebound fling.

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  • Sarah

    He’s been hooking up with other women since before they started living together and never stopped the whole time. So no surprise there. Beside all the drinking and the drug-fueled company, heard he hit her – hard – in front of two of her friends, so pretty sure that’s all she needed to let go. Did she love him? Absolutely. But don’t think she’s dying of jealousy actually. But I love how you HOPE she’s hurt. So gleeful about that. That’s pretty twisted.

    • joella

      I really believe you sarah which friends were with her that’s sad was this before or after july 2012 she really loved him and I think she was just used by Rupert that day and she got screwed over

  • Chintami Karrina Poetri

    This article its very ridiculous, robert never ever do this like fake media said, he is a loyal man for kristen, no anyone can replace kristen stewart on robert pattinson heart, the real fans of robsten knows robert and kristen are not breaking up.

  • No Name!

    Really??.. Mmm but it’s your opinion not their opinion because you wrote that make up your mind. It’s doesn’t matter so don’t worry about it and they’ll fine now and very strong their life. If Robsten fans won’t give up that they will get back together then fans still supporters of Robsten for several years. I don’t think that they are still friends and would stay their single status.

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