LeAnn Rimes’ Inappropriate PDA With Dislocated Jaw at Eddie Cibrian’s Son’s Baseball Game

LeAnn Rimes' Inappropriate PDA With Dislocated Jaw at Eddie Cibrian's Son's Baseball Game

LeAnn Rimes dislocated her jaw during a concert Saturday night but that didn’t stop the creature. She still managed to call the paps and show up for Brandi Glanville’s sons’ baseball game for some inappropriate PDA with Eddie Cibrian. In fact her jaw does look unaligned in some of the pics below. LeAnn failed to properly complete her concert and then took to Twitter to explain:

“Oklahoma!!!! I love you so much! I’m sorry for no encore, I had my jaw pop out of place & I can’t hear out of my left ear. #tmjsucks”

LeAnn Rimes' Inappropriate PDA With Dislocated Jaw at Eddie Cibrian's Sons Baseball Game

LeAnn Rimes has always erred on the side of inappropriate, that’s nothing new. There is hardly anything to be said about her that hasn’t already been said. It is hard however for normal people with strong moral fiber and boundaries to comprehend her actions. That all started when she decided to have an affair with a married man Eddie Cibrian; having been hypnotized by his borrowed shlong, she then locked down on him like a pitt bull and has been dragging him around by the throat every since.

If having an affair and destroying two marriages wasn’t a big enough swan dive into an ocean of rotten, LeAnn seems to take pleasure and pride in baiting the Cuban captive’s ex wife. Seeing as though Brandi Glanville has the emotional maturity of a child she reacts, loses her ever-loving mind on social media, and makes herself look crazy much to the delight of the grinch who stole Eddie Cibrian. Regrettably, LeAnn’s favorite weapon of mass destruction seems to be the children the dimpled captive had with his ex wife. I know what you’re all thinking, children should never be used as weapons, but this is LeAnn Rimes were talking about here…. Which beings me to the latest children’s sporting event to be high jacked by this maniacal twit.

LeAnn showed up to a children’s baseball game in Calabasas wearing skimpy shorts while foundling her captive every chance she got; Classic LeAnn. This is just an observation but Calabasas seems like a celebrity landfill, full of rich garbage. It seems that all the most horrid celebs live there… but I’m getting off topic.

Am I the only one who thinks it strange that LeAnne attends just about All of the children’s events up to and including parent teacher conferences? She’s a step mother and that is an important role, But LeAnn seems to want more and it’s coming from a selfish and vindictive place rather than one of concern for her step children.

Her presence is a passive aggressive way to impress upon everyone including Brandi, and the paps she calls that she is as much a parent as Brandi, which she isn’t. Do the boys like her? I believe they do. Is she nice to them? She probably is, but she didn’t gestate and push those children out into the world and she has no freakin’ place at their parent teacher conferences, she probably can’t even comprehend math homework; what possible reason could she have for being there?

Unless the bio mom is completely absent from the lives of the kids, then I feel she should keep a respectful distance and be a support to her husband as he raises his children with his ex-wife. If she just cooled it with the kids, maybe I’d throw up in my mouth a little less when I see her.

Furthermore, this chick is incapable of dressing appropriately for a children’s event. Wearing Dailey Dukes and grabbing you hubby’s arse (for the benefit of his Ex wife) is not only trashy but transparent as well. Even if she and the Cuban captive are blissfully and madly In love these desperate attempts to show everyone is counterproductive and it reeks of inauthenticity. And what in the heavenly host is she wearing? it’s hard to determine what the weather is like based on her attire.

If it’s cold enough to wear a sweater, then why is it also hot enough for Daisy Dukes and sandals? And don’t get me started on her hair. LeAnne has the worst messy buns I’ve ever seen. A messy bun is supposed to be chic yet effortless. What LeAnn has is a greasy hillbilly abomination on the top of her head, she might as well just wear it down because anything is an improvement on that. What do you guys think? Is his later display trashy or is LeAnn really really in love? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Lauren

    Omg, she should have gone home and taken a shower first. She looks disgusting and greasy! She’s repulsive and she looks as if she smells bad every time she’s papped. And btw, natural blond, my ass. Her dark roots are showing SO HARD. Ugh, I just can’t she is disgusting!

  • old soul

    We respect all opinions here. However different celebs handle things different. This one in particular courts the attention and if there ANYTHING good to say about her I would. No one claimed to be perfect and you are correct she is entitled to kiss her husband. However, doing so at the wrong time and wrong place and in an
    effort to hurt someone else is reprehensible and my commentary will reflect my feelings on the matter.

    • Harleyloverx2

      I agree with everything you said. The only people that need to be at & parent/teacher conference is the PARENTS, but of course she inserts herself where she shouldn’t. I for one would’ve put her & her rotten teeth in place if you get my drift? Lol

      • Guest

        A step parent is a parent… And I’ve been to every single conference for my step kids. I’m quite proud to go, actually.

  • warnbb

    This is the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read. There is absolutely nothing inappropriate about her attire. For god’s sake I see preteens wearing less clothing and nobody is complaining about that. And OMG, she’s a step mom who actually attends her stepchildren’s events. How horrible. Let’s take her out back and lynch her.

    • Maggie the Cat

      Preteens tend to be at the mall, with their friends, not at a sporting event with their kids and they have the excuse of youth and naïvety on their side, but your right this outfit is much better than a lot of the clothes she normal wears to these events. She just needs to stop being so passive aggressive, stop doing things for show and putting her own interests above the children. She earns money off all these pics with her deals with certain paps and that my friend is skanky.

  • Maggie the Cat

    Her attire is less appalling than usual but her personality shines through the girl is a smug skank

  • Maggie the Cat

    The problem is LeLe needs to get over it, she is so passive aggressive and you know apologies have to be genuine, something she has never managed, there is no hate 24/7, more like a Jeez, can’t the girl let it lie.

  • Maggie the Cat

    I don’t think B gives a flying f*ck about EC and LR and their public displays. it is all about her boys and their welfare.If she is fragile it is because of the non stop harassment she endures from LR acolytes, it truly is disgusting what they do in the background with full approval of the wonderfully sane Marge

  • Guest

    I’m a step parent. I’ve been to every game, PTA meeting, conference, play, and event the kids are part of. I go with my husband, I go when he can’t, I’ve even been to events their mother has missed. It has nothing to do with cramming anything down the ex’s throat, and everything with being there for the kids. They notice and appreciate these things. And that level of interaction by stepparents must nit be unusual since at orientation at the start of the year, the teacher asked how many kids needed paperwork for two sets of households and took the names of all the stepparents so their names are included on the information sent home.

  • Meanes

    It sounds like this is a one sided opinion from all the pictures he is reaching for her as much she is for him. I feel the writer has an ax to grind against LeAnn. Get over it you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors so go write about the Little Rascals it sounds more like your speed