Mariah Carey Divorce: Nick Cannon Cheated So Much Mariah Hired Security to Watch Him!

Mariah Carey Divorce: Nick Cannon Cheated So Much Mariah Hired Security to Watch Him!

How long have we been saying that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon will get divorced? A few months? It’s been at least that long since the rumor mill kicked into overdrive, but we didn’t really get any confirmation until Nick himself discussed the rumors in an interview a few months back. Instead of denying the divorce talk or praising Mariah, he simply stated that he would put his kids first, no matter what happened. Let me repeat: he did not mention Mariah, the word ‘wife’, or even ‘family’ in his comments – just kids. What we learn about the divorce is that Nick cheated, and he cheated lots.

Why so shifty, Nick? According to Page Six, it’s because Nick and Mariah have actually been living separately – after Mariah was forced to hire private security to keep Nick away from other women. A source explains, “He hasn’t been staying at their home. He’s been living out of hotels. They’re fighting a lot. The security guard wasn’t there to keep the girls away from him. It was to keep him away from the girls.”

Translation: Nick drinks a lot, gets frisky when he drinks, tends to hit on the ladies, yes he cheats! Mariah gets jealous, throws a temper tantrum, and probably kicks Nick out every time this happens. In the end, they’re left with an unhappy marriage and an impending divorce, but at least they can avoid the former by going through with the latter.

Right now, both Mariah and Nick have been avoiding discussing each other on social media, even though they used to be very active a few months ago. They have also sold their Bel Air home, and Nick’s reportedly living in his grandparents’ home while the divorce details get finalized.

It’s still not clear whether Mariah and Nick plan on going through with this, but even if they get back together, there’s a reason this trial ‘separation’ happened. They can’t just wish their problems away, although I bet you that Mariah tried. That divorce is happening, one way or another.

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  5. Mariahs Lovely Lamb says:

    I honestly don’t know how to express my emotions about this subject at this point. I don’t want to believe it but everything is kind of fitting and making sense like a big puzzle. At the same time I feel like the media is egging them on and creating stories to make it seem real, which in the end causes real problems for Nick and Mariah. I think if I had to tell Nick and Mariah anything about their marriage it’d be to just stay together. I think I’d also tell them that they CANNOT let the media or ANYBODY get in the way of their love for each other. I also think that if this whole thing is really true that they need more communication instead of just calling it quits. But in they end either way they are truly blessed and I want nothing but the best for both of them, but more for Mariah than anything.

  6. Mariahs Lovely Lamb says:

    Nothing to say but I agree. ????

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