Mariah Carey Divorce Update: Nick Cannon Won’t Split With Diva After Selling House

Mariah Carey Divorce Update: Nick Cannon Won't Split With Diva After Selling House

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were never going to last but is divorce the right choice. Do we agree? They tried, and they tried for a long time. But their relationship has always been skewed by Mariah’s diva antics and her insistence on getting whatever she wants. The the couple sold their Cali house…. As anybody in a loving relationship knows, it’s all about balance and give-and-take, and Mariah doesn’t know how to give – only how to take. And since her star has always been significantly brighter than Nick’s, it makes sense that Nick stayed with her for as long as he did. In layman’s terms, he was using her, even if he *love* her. But seriously, what grown man would put up with a Disneyland-themed re-wedding?

But fast forward a few years, and Nick himself is no longer denying rumors of a divorce. Instead, he’s making sure that he spends much of his time with his children, and sources say he’s putting all his focus on the kids. Mariah, on the other hand, still spends most of her time staring into a mirror. Ok, I kid, I kid. But seriously, their marriage isn’t doing too well right now, and that really just comes down to Nick. He’s stopped pretending to like Mariah’s little quirks and idiosyncrasies, even the not-as-annoying ones. And Mariah is not happy that her husband isn’t the brainwashed robo-bride that she was with all these years. Alas, the man finally grew a pair and stood up to her, or he finally wants to focus on his career for once.

Whichever one it is, Mariah will make make sure that everyone thinks that Nick is guilty, loud and clear. But in all reality, it seems like he’s just grown tired of pretending to be fake, and just wanted out.

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4 responses to “Mariah Carey Divorce Update: Nick Cannon Won’t Split With Diva After Selling House”

  1. Phia33 says:

    You keep posting the same story over and over again. Do you think if you keep posting/wishing it will at some point come true so you can say: “See, I told ya’ll?”

    And now Nick doesn’t want to split but before Nick was the one who had it with Mariah and wanted to leave so badly? Good Lord.

    Just admit you don’t like Mariah, which is obvious by the crap you said about her in each of the same updated postings. You are a Mariah hater and deflecting your stupid and ignorant opinions of her on how you WANT Nick to think of her.

    Ya’ll gossip sites will say and do anything for some type of “fame”. Ya’ll don’t even give a shit that two kids are involved in all this. You want a family to break up just so you can be right. And this crap about their marriage has been going on since 2008. It’s been 6 years and you guys are still wanting so badly for things to fell apart and end in divorce.

    Ya’ll must have had miserable childhoods with awful parents to be so vindictive when it comes to wanting certain celebrity couples to break-up.

  2. Jennifer Hiatt says:

    I have to agree with Phia33

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