Mariah Carey Divorces Nick Cannon After Cheating and Marriage Troubles? (PHOTOS)

Mariah Carey Divorces Nick Cannon After Cheating and Marriage Troubles? (PHOTOS)

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are having marriage problems? Why, you don’t say! I mean, why else would a couple have a commitment ceremony and re-marriage ceremony at Disneyland, of all places. I would understand if anybody but Mariah and Nick did that, but looking at those two is like looking at a mirage gone wrong. For one, Nick seemed like he was being coerced down that walkway, even years later. And also, Mariah’s diva-ness is infamous in Hollywood circles, so if she’s that blatant with others, imagine what she’s like with her own husband?

And now, according to OK! Magazine, Nick and Mariah are on the verge of getting a divorce, even though they’re trying hard to keep their issues private. A source tells OK!, “Mariah threw a diva ft and started browbeating Nick about being an absentee, no-good husband. She gave him hell for being immature and accused him of fooling around with other chicks.”

And lest you think that this is all Mariah’s doing, think again. Apparently, Mariah had Nick followed on two separate occasions, and she reportedly caught him cheating on both occasions. Yikes.

Another source adds, “Mariah’d cut him loose right now. But she’s worried about him making a grab for a huge chunk of her $515 million fortune.” Well, that and their children, of course. The kids are still very young, and no doubt a divorce would affect them quite a lot. And if this does turn out to be a nasty custody battle, then there’s a chance that the kids [who are twins] will be split up, one going to mom and the other going to dad.

Of course, even without Nick’s cheating, the couple was already having problems. Mariah’s insecurity and Nick’s obsession with his career are both reportedly causing friction between the couple, and that friction is only increased whenever Mariah throws another one of her diva fits. Considering that they do have a prenup, I wouldn’t consider their divorce decision to be too fraught with complications, but you can bet that it’ll still be a headache for everyone involved. Let’s just hope that they get themselves together and fix their issues before it’s too late for their marriage and their family.

Mariah makes an appearance on the ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ in New York City, New York on May 7, 2014. She certainly is full of herself, no?

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8 responses to “Mariah Carey Divorces Nick Cannon After Cheating and Marriage Troubles? (PHOTOS)”

  1. drdebo cherry says:

    She only ever looked like this once- when she had a chef and lost that extra 40lbs she’s carried around for decades- this is a photoshopped lie and I resent it…in addition…the only couples that have commitment ceremonies/re-commit are those with troubled marriages- its a huge red flag.

  2. R.D. Bone says:

    MeMe is such a loser skankkk-her 515 mill is the only reason any guy would marry her-so of course the guy that married her is a a low life money grubber-no decent guy wants anything to do with a fat old drunk skannkkk who thinks wayyy too much of herself -and MeMe never looked like that–JLo looks better than that because she is real and not some photoshop repaint that is all weird and out of proportion because some hag like MeMe is making a photo editor remake her promo photos to look like JLO

  3. housewlk says:

    Nick Cannon is waiting for his pay check from Mariah.a man gold digger.

  4. Racquel Garnette says:

    Nick Cannon is a gold digger who wanted to go after Mariah Carey money. That is very disgusting. Mariah is insecure because she has some trust issues. Mariah Carey married her manager years ago. She and her manager got divorced because he was way too controlling in her music career. Nick Cannon cheated on Christina Millian when they were together. It seems he was going to do it again. Nice guys finish last. It is up to Mariah Carey of what she wants to do. Any guy who cheats on a woman is not your husband. Most guys who wants to get there woman pregnant is a user and a manipulator. Nick Cannon is a good singer but i think he wants out. He decides to hang out with more then 2 woman. That is bad. Cheating on there mates for men thinks it is ok for them to do that. Men can’t help themselves so that is why they cheat. Most of them can’t be tied down to a woman for long so that is why they decided to cheat on there mates. I wish Mariah Carey the best and i think she should hold her head up high and take care of her kids on her own. When her kids grow up and asked where is daddy is then she can tell them the situation of what he did.

  5. JoanCrawford1 says:

    NIck will walk away with at least 200 million.

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  8. JAY says: