Mariah Carey Is Cheating With Young Jeezy: Nick Cannon’s Jealous Twitter Response Shows Marriage In Trouble

Mariah Carey Is Cheating With Young Jeezy: Nick Cannon's Jealous Twitter Response Shows Marriage In Trouble

There are rumors circulating that Mariah Carey was cheating on Nick Cannon with rapper Young Jeezy, and these aren’t just your random tabloid rumors, either. There are a lot of legitimate sources, both from tabloids and otherwise, who agree that Mariah’s marriage to Nick was in trouble, one of the reasons for their ridiculous vow renewal ceremony at Disneyland.

And instead of keeping quiet and letting the rumors go away by themselves, Nick has decided to speak up and lend more credence to the gossip. He tweeted a link to the article, saying, “HOW FUNNY IS THIS ONE?!! Here is some free press 4 u @Sandrarose @YoungJeezy U better leave my woman be! LOL.”

Would Nick react to something like this if it was just idle gossip? On the one hand, the fact that he’s taking it so jokingly could mean that it’s all in good fun, but on the other hand, the fact that he’s responding to it at all is unusual. Celebrities usually don’t respond to articles and speculation, especially when it’s not even from People or US Weekly. Nick might be feeling insecure about the rumors, especially if there’s actually something going on.

And really, who can blame him? Mariah’s probably one of the most difficult people in the industry to be married to, and Nick’s been with her for several years. If anything, I’m surprised he hasn’t reacted to anything sooner, especially with the way her diva behavior controls the spotlight so often.

What do you guys think about Nick’s comments? Do you think that Mariah actually cheated on Nick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. tahoegeminii says:

    MeMe is fat a conceded ugly has been ho bag and why Nick let’s her treat him like the bang chauffeur is a mystery we all knew he had to get tired of being treated like her toilet paper at some point-and the vow renewal is total BS especially since now it overshadows the kids Birthday-since MeMe had them cut out a month early on that date-seems to me that the fat pig couldn’t even stand her own children having one single day to call their own without their fame drooling skankk of a mother trying to make it her spotlight-just wait till Monroe brings home a boy-that’ll be one gross spectacle-and since MeMe is such a fat old stripper it makes perfect sense that her constant “collaborations” with young rappers is just about setting them up to be late in the studio with her, sucking up for the apparent “favor” she is doing them to get them in a position for the old gator to gobble them up-Nick must be getting to old for Vampira these days-not to mention her mentally FUBAR need for constant ego stroking