Michael Muhney Headed to General Hospital or Prime Time After The Young and the Restless Firing

Michael Muhney Headed to General Hospital or Prime Time After The Young and the Restless Firing

Has Michael Muhney’s reputation preceded him so much that being cast on another daytime drama is completely out of the realm of possibility? Well, I guess that seems to be what some industry insiders are thinking. In case you somehow missed it, the actor was fired from The Young and the Restless after allegations of sexual harassment against him were made. 6 weeks later nothing seems to have really come of the situation other than his firing. No charges were ever filed and it is believed that CBS and the powers-that-be sat on the allegations for months while they tried to make Muhney’s character completely hated by fans. Apparently they hoped that the fans would begin to despise character and be glad to see him leave. That backfired in a big way.

Instead it seems that wherever Muhney goes, his fans will follow but that leaves us to question where his next stop will be. Hopping over to General Hospital almost seems like an obvious choice and he could easily find himself knee-deep in Port Charles’ underworld. We have heard that while the powers that be would like to bring Muhney in, the network itself isn’t so sure that they want to take the risk. They fear that his reputation may proceed him and they don’t want cast members having a negative reaction to the actor coming aboard.

According to the Feb. 10th issue of CBS Soaps some industry insiders are strongly suggesting that Muhney focus his attention on prime time guest stints. The problem with that is that his last prime job with Veronica Mars ended up with his character being killed off and according to sources close to the set, it was because he was too difficult to deal with. If that’s true then prime time may not be so welcoming either but, many stars are known to be difficult and still work. Where would you prefer to see Muhney turn up next? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. omg says:

    I’d like to see him on a soap so I’d see him every day but, Y&R might even further see what they lost if he got a big paying Prime Time gig. In any case, I hope MM has learned to keep his pie hole shut and do what he’s paid to do… that is ACT and never mind what anyone else is doing. (That is, assuming that reports of his arrogance and being difficult to work with, are true.)

  2. Linda Simpson says:

    I would follow him any where. Prime time with his own Show with Billy Miller would be my dream 2 Detective working together. How could it miss !!!!

    • ????Mï? ? says:

      What network would touch MM right now with the allegations lodged against him??

      • livewire says:

        Read my post in response to your similar question above. You obviously do not know much about the constitution or the bill of rights. ;-)

  3. Linda Simpson says:

    I think he was wrongly acussedof sexual allegations in order to black ball him. Hr will rise above it all. We will be waiting for him because we love him.

  4. ????Mï? ? says:

    Please tell me what type of job hires a individual who is being alledged a person who sexually harassmed another person? What employer would risk this??

    • RedRiver38 says:

      In Hollywood, this happens all of the time, you just never hear about it. Drug use, violence, verbal abuse, and other craziness goes on constantly. Look at Robert Downey Jr. He was in and out of jail for years. Now he’s Iron Man. Never count anyone out if they are talented. Muhney’s talented. Just look at the response to his firing from a silly soap opera.

    • livewire says:

      What is alleged is a FELONY in the state of California. NO charges have been filed. Also if he was “allegedly” committing these acts please answer me why he was ASKED to shoot three more FULL days of filming? As a former police officer myself I find it very unnerving that these allegations are being fueled on. This is all hearsay and no evidence has been provided. NO charges have been filed in L.A. County where this show is filmed so that should tell you something right now. Many folks do not realize what he is being accused of is Criminal Sexual Battery, a felony, as well as Criminal Sexual Conduct. Hunter King has NOT filed criminal charges against him, that should tell you something as well. She is NOT a minor, so any charges would be made public. Feel free to contact L.A. County yourself, you can cite the Freedom of Information Act to get your answers. Until he is arrested, given a trial, and found guilty by either the Judge or a Jury of his peers I will continue to support him. He is INNOCENT till proven guilty in a court of law. Also as a military veteran, I defended the constitution and the bill of rights. It angers me to no end when people shamelessly abuse his right of being presumed INNOCENT till he has been proven guilty. Hearsay is NOT Proof.

    • Denise says:

      Let me first say this . YOU are assuming this as FACT. Truth is ITS NOT.I have 3 daughters, If I was like you I would already have him hung.you should dig a little deeper in this if your going to trash talk on MM. Did you know that JFP was looking to replace MM back in August?? EB was worried MM was getting a little too popular& didn’t like the fact MM actually studied his lines and EB had to have cue cards.MM called him on it and EB demanded him fired. This so called groping didn’t happen till October!! strange don’t ya think???But If IT DID happen Why wasn’t he fired right then ???? Why was he let go on Dec 17th,but continued able to STILL be on set and work till His and Billy Millers last act.??? I think most of us SMART people smell JFP doing her dirty back stabbing stuff she was reported did on all her other Failed attempts at keeping soaps on the air. I CANT believe some of you people will believe ANYTHING you hear and from the source such as TMZ of all places .Dont you Know Angelica Mcdaniels husband works for TMZ so guess where this stuff started.
      HOW would any of you like to blamed for something, and without proof people believed it to be true. How would you like your named being tarnished by rumor .NOT FACTS. No other News programed any of this Garbage, so why believe a RAG like TMZ?????? are you that guliable????? MAYBE YOU ARE AND FOR THAT I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU!!!!!

  5. Paulette Patterson says:

    No one knows what happened between MM and HK neither are talking and it is just pure speculation and gossip to sell magazine. Rumors can hurt a persons career. But Michael Muhney is such an awesome actor he will rise above all this bigger and better.

    • livewire says:

      He also has the right to be considered INNOCENT till proven guilty in a court of law. NO charges have been filed in L. A. County. What is being alleged is a felony/criminal sexual battery as well as criminal sexual conduct. He is innocent in my eyes.

  6. Gayle G says:

    well said !!!

  7. loyalfan says:

    Back on the Young & Restless as the character he played. He and Phyllis make the show interesting. Point said that’s why most viewers continue to watch the show. Now that neither are on there I find no need to watch.

  8. Pattie Estep says:


  9. cmj1 says:

    Guess you’ve never heard of Leonardo Dicaprio, Tommy Lee Jones, Brad Pitt, Meg Ryan, James Earl Jones, Demi Moore, Julianne Moore, Josh Duhmahel, Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Hasselhoff, Ryan Phillpe, Eva Longoria, Marisa Tomei, Kevin Bacon, or Calista Flockhart, among several others….or maybe you just have “1hand” with an abundance of fingers.

    Hopefully MM will audition for roles with people who don’t buy into “speculation and innuendo” or alleged” problems you apparently know he’s guilty of, but rather gauge his auditions on known facts and talent.

  10. chile puhlease says:

    I hope he gets a big career move. This time I hope he behaves. Assholes will get fired. It was wrong for YR to try to assassinate his real character. I stopped watching on 2/28. I wont start watching again until Muhoney finds another job. He goes to General Hospital I will watch that. Or if Jill Phelps is fired.

  11. Gram says:

    I’ll follow him wherever he goes ????????

  12. Sandra Logan says:

    Am I correct on this – Billy Miller was not fired – he left Y and R of his own accord?

    • livewire says:

      He wasn’t fired, he was just told he could not do outside acting jobs
      away from Y & R, as well as they would not renegotiate his contract
      as it was up. They did the same darn thing to Michelle Stafford. Which was a huge blow to the show, then the Michael Muhney firing happened. Proverbial straw broke this viewers back.

  13. renee says:

    I’m so done with young and the restless….. first Adam then billy….. maybe CBS should realize soaps are dying and they should try to keep what fa s they have… Michael was awesome as Adam….. I’m livid he is gone…… so done with that show…….

  14. Sandra Logan says:

    I thought Billy Miller left on his own accord, I don’t think he was fired from what I read.

    • livewire says:

      He wasn’t fired, he was just told he could not do outside acting jobs away from Y & R, as well as they would not renegotiate his contract as it was up. They did the same to Michelle Stafford.

  15. joy says:

    Why was it OK for Jeanne Cooper to grope many of the men ……..sexual harassment…..without consequences? I’m not in favor of men or WOMEN getting away with that type of behavior. In my opinion…..What is good for the gander is good for the goose!

  16. Jaxiska says:

    I’d PREFER to see him on my front doorstep! ????<3

  17. livewire says:

    Read my reply to above. As a veteran is appalls me the people who forget the constitution and the bill of rights. Mr. Muhney has NOT been proven guilty in a court of law, he is presumed INNOCENT until found guilty by a presiding Judge or a Jury of his peers. I am also a former police officer who has been to court to testify, so I am fully aware of due process. He has not been given that thanks to the media. Also there are NO charges filed in the county of L.A. where the show is filmed, where the so called allegations took place. Both alleged parties involved are adults, which means charges would be public knowledge. What is alleged is Criminal Sexual Battery and Criminal Sexual Conduct, both are felonies in the state of California. Before you start spewing nonsense about him needing “good luck” you better get your facts in order, maybe take another look at those wonderful historical documents I mentioned above.

  18. xy&rfan says:

    What I don’t understand is why is HK still working? Since we’ve not seen proof of anything, how does anyone know that the stories of her being “after” MM were not true and she was not a “girl spawned.” People embellish, create scenarios and out right lie just because they can! Jealousy is a major factor in many “stories.” If MM was difficult to work with then I sure he was in very good company. EB and JFP to mention a couple DO NOT have the reputation of being easy to work with! I say any soap, prime time show or movie to have this awesome actor in their employ will be extremely fortunate! Behind you all the way MM!

  19. eclipse70 says:

    I still can’t believe that Michael Muhney was fired. I agree with those who said that a person should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. The whole situation could and should have been handled differently. Adam and Chelsea’s storyline was the most interesting of all. They have chemistry and are phenomenal actors. What else is interesting on the show? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Hope those who were responsible for the firing of Michael will come to their senses and bring him back and not as a “ghost”. Those scenes are so unrealistic and are absolutely ridiculous. They know how to bring him back if they want to. Looking forward to his returning or going to General Hospital.

  20. perlawolf says:

    agreed I’m a bit appalled here too

  21. Donna Massey says:

    Where there is success, there always seems to be haters. Done worry Michael, wherever you go, your true fans will follow. You got it like that. I personally think you’ll make a great character in a ” The Godfather” sequel. Look out Michael Coleone.

  22. DW0204 says:

    Were you rapped before?

  23. Karen says:

    Michael should be given the chance at gh and would be a fab Jason stop listening to tales and hire him

  24. Erin Lee Giefer says:

    Michael muhney definitely doesn’t seem like the one to go sexually harass someone. Maybe be very sarcastic with them which may seem like “bullying”. That’s about it… He is a VERY AMAZING actor and he is very good looking. I think he should go to my favorite show …. THE WALKING DEAD !!!! If Michael muhney reads any of these .. Please seriously go to the walking dead.. Best show ever !!!!!!!!!!

  25. ????Mï? ? says:

    Why because you don’t know the meaning of the word “behooves”? Taking MM side when you don’t even know this man makes no sense whatsoever and it BEHOOVES me aa to way.

  26. ????Mï? ? says:

    Why are you defending a man that you DON’T EVEN KNOW (?o?)?

  27. Rosalea Moore says:

    Why are you so against him? Do YOU know him personally?

  28. Rosalea Moore says:

    Do YOU know for a fact that she won’t?

  29. Rosalea Moore says:

    Your “grip?”

  30. Rosalea Moore says:

    Thank you.

  31. Rosalea Moore says:

    WHY are you a “former” officer.?What did YOU do?

  32. Rosalea Moore says:

    What does it say about what you used to do as a cop? Arrest people just because your girlfriend alleged some man “touched” her? Cops like you are a disgrace to other cops.

  33. Rosalea Moore says:

    WHAT VICTIM!!!!!!!

  34. Rosalea Moore says:

    YOU are too clueless to realize what you are saying. How many people have done years in jail just because someone said that person did something. And later it is proven that the person was innocent.

  35. Rosalea Moore says:

    I can see why YOU are no longer on the force. How many innocent people have you sent up?

  36. Rosalea Moore says:

    Makes sense to me.

  37. Denise says:

    LOL I agree but it won’t be kevin since he bats for his own team.

  38. Denise says:

    IF there really is a victim