Miley Cyrus Postpones All Her Concerts – Drug Detox, Rehab or Allergic Reaction?

Miley Cyrus Postpones All Her Concerts - Drug Detox, Rehab or Allergic Reaction?

Oh, Miley Cyrus. Why is that all our former Disney stars seem to be going through a meltdown all at the same time? Miley’s breakdown has been building steam for the past two years now, ever since her split from Liam Hemsworth. Since then, it’s been one crazy issue after another, and it looks like it’s finally taken a toll on her. But what’s causing the meltdown – drugs, exhaustion, or ‘allergic reactions’?

It’s pretty obvious that Miley’s detoxing from her drug binges and planning to attend rehab, especially since she’s just postponed all her upcoming concerts. She was recently hospitalized for supposed ‘allergic reaction to antibiotics’, and she was scheduled to come back for the European tour dates. However, her reps released a statement saying that she would need more time to recover, because her ‘allergic reaction’ had come back.

Um… sure? Supposedly, her ‘doctors’ won’t let her travel in this state, so she’ll just have to wait until June to perform in Amsterdam and Antwerp. That’s right, June. Yeah, I’m not sure why recovering from an ‘allergic reaction’ takes two months, but there you have it.

Seriously, does anybody buy these rail thin excuses? Just admit that she has a drug problem and that she’s trying to recover – it’s not uncommon, and she’ll get sympathy from her fans and the public. But once again, the Hollywood system strikes. There’s so much money on the line in these tours that her team isn’t letting her take her own time in recovering, forcing her on tours and promotions before she’s ready. Right now, she shouldn’t even have to think about coming back on tour until she’s fully rehabbed, but they’re already setting dates and follow-up dates for her return to the stage.

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4 responses to “Miley Cyrus Postpones All Her Concerts – Drug Detox, Rehab or Allergic Reaction?”

  1. janie says:

    I don’t believe it was an allergic reaction to antibiotics. I think it was drugs, she’s too open about drug use.

  2. thebutcher says:

    Drugs, 2 months in rehab guaranteed

  3. […] we know, her team is still claiming that she had an allergic reaction to antibiotics – but I also think we can say that excuse is pretty thin, as far as excuses […]

  4. Candyfiend says:

    Her hair! Who is telling her it looks good? She is looking a manly ugly big nosed Draco Malfoy again. Ugh. She was pretty once.