Mimi O’Donnell Guilty in Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Heroin Overdose-Suicide? (VIDEO)

Mimi O'Donnell Guilty in Philip Seymour Hoffman's Heroin Overdose-Suicide? (VIDEO)

Devastated and inconsolable” were the words used today to describe the girlfriend and baby mama of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Mimi O’Donnell upon learning of the actor’s untimely death. It was reported that she screamed when first hearing the news.

Obviously, overcome by emotion, her scream signified her shock and sadness, but was there more than pain behind her emotional outburst? Perhaps, as it is very likely that Mimi also felt the crushing pain of guilt upon her as some believe her leaving PSH may have contributed to his inability to cope and ultimate decision to break his sobriety by overdosing on heroin, trying desperately to numb the pain caused from losing his family.

As we reported, PSH did a short, ten day stint in rehab in 2013 after a relapse in 2012 put a good scare in him. Mimi thought he was on the right track, but obviously, was very wrong. His life seems to have quickly spiraled out of control, and it was only recently that he began going down the wrong path again and using drugs to numb his pain.

The award-winning actor began renting an apartment in Greenwich, the one now the scene of his final hours, in October 2013. Mimi and their kids lived just blocks away in the 4.4 million dollar home the family once shared. He wanted desperately to still be close to them, even though the couple were no longer together. In fact, it was his failure to pick up his children on Sunday that caused Mimi to immediately call his friend to check on him. So, signs seem to point to Mimi knowing what was going on. Given she had a friend check on him almost immediately after him not showing up shows that she may have expected the worst. Given the nature of his career, it is not so off-base to think maybe he was delayed on a business call or a meeting. So, was it the fact that there was a recent hoax about his death… or did she assume that this may have been the real thing?

As we shared with CDL readers earlier, there were reports claiming that PSH looked sickly at the Sundance Film Festival last month – check the video below, the dude looks totally strung out. We can now confirm that he also refused interviews during the same trip. He was likely already in the throes of drug abuse and riddled with guilt for possibly breaking up his family, becoming weak and giving in to heroin, for losing 23 years of sobriety, and worst of all, for letting down his girlfriend and children. His deep guilt, coupled with depression and anger led him down this path of destruction that he seemed to be controlling from behind the wheel.

So did PSH have a death wish? Did he want to feel pain or end his life to punish himself for letting down his loved ones and losing their family unit? He may very well have, given police claimed to have found 8 empty bags of heroin. Given that he was sober for 23 years, and drastically changed into a shell of his former self in recent months, we have to assume the mother of his three children and partner since 1999 would have seen some signs.

Living so close, and seeing him often when he spent time with the kids would have allowed her the chance to see him in a state she hadn’t seen him in throughout their relationship. We have to wonder why she allowed the father of her children to suffer through his agony alone and become so entrenched in his depression that he’d consider taking his own life or giving it up to heroin. Perhaps her involvement, or her confiding in his friends could have made the difference in him getting help. He was obviously open to seeking help as his recent detox stint indicates. An intervention by friends and family could have saved his life.

Friends and loved ones absolutely have to notice a difference in someone who has abstained from drugs and alcohol for 23 years, and suddenly become a different person who is obviously using heavy drugs. Whether Mimi still loved him or wanted to be with him, as the mother of his children, and as a human being, she should have reached out to help him.

Now, the guilt PSH likely felt for his own relapse will be nothing compared to the guilt Mimi carries with her for the rest of her life, always wondering if she could have done something to save his life.

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  • Wally Smith

    Awful article. Acusses most of the people that loved the guy as the cause of his death with absolutely no fact and negative conjecture. He died from a disease. Let him rest and others morn.

    • jody

      you can call it a disease – I can call it a character failing – the article doesn’t blame ‘the people that loved the guy’ for killing him – but asks the question where was Mimi, why were they separated, why was here no intervention? These are legitimate issues and we will discuss them.

      • sony2005

        where was Mimi? protecting her children. She did exactly the right thing by taking her children out of that environment.

  • Sarah

    Guess what? [expletive] I have been in her shoes and my children lost their father in the same way. I did the best I could, but we aren’t doormats or bottomless pits, nor required to be. You are a vulture.

    • jody

      and you sound like you feel guilty and are turning your own failings into anger

    • Me

      People who have not been in your shoes or in a situation similar to yours or know of someone who has gone thru the kind of pain you have had to go thru hasn’t a clue about it. What the world needs is compassion not judging. I am sorry for the pain your family has to live with going forward. I pray that you will find the peace that passes understanding. Please ignore the ignorant.

  • bend_time

    despicable. wrtg down your name so i nevereverever read anything you write, ever again, you dangerous person. you have no f*****g understanding of addiction; shut up. you compassionless child, you are arrogant beyond belief. are there no g** d**** editors w any intelligence at this trashy place? omg.

    • jody

      PSH should have been stopped by those close to him – they always could have called the cops and had him busted for possession – but they didn’t, they pandered to him – now he’s dead.

    • jody

      can i add you to the list of satisfied viewers?

  • RU4real

    What a disgraceful article. You clearly have no concept or experience of addiction. You should be sacked. Where are the editors on this site? OMG I will never read anything written by you again you should be ashamed of yourself for having the audacity to write such slanderous allegations about his loved ones at this terribly difficult time. Heartless and callous would be an understatement to describe you.

    • jody

      i am tired of all the boo hoo about addiction – it is a choice – each time you pick up you choose – and the people around you who enable your addiction share the blame

  • DCarter

    How can you write such awful rubbish! You obviously don’t have a clue about addiction and how it affects the family unit. It seems that this woman left him in order to protect her children and herself from living with addiction in their home. Unless you’ve been there, you have no right to comment nor blame others. Shame on you for writing such an irresponsible article. Next time you decide to write, I suggest you do your homework.
    RIP – PSH. You were an amazing actor and a huge loss for the movie industry. My prayers go to your family that they find peace during this very sad time.

    • jody

      you confuse sadness with honor – there is no honor in a junkie’s death and Mimi should have done more

  • Blllllech

    Wow, scumbag journalism at its pinnacle. Hope you’re proud of your scumbag craft(?).

    • jody

      I’m glad you enjoy our site!

  • jody

    so Ridiculous, you agree with us?

  • Mel

    This an «article»? Moralistic patriarchal bullshit!

    • jody

      uhmm does this mean you liked it? that u agree?

    • Yogourt

      Mimi is a [expletive]. She kill this man. Poor kids…

  • jody

    Addiction is a weakness and often enabled by those around the addicted –
    you don’t get to define addiction with any more authority than do I.

    Your point of view is naive and of course, incorrect. To make the absurd claim that it is ‘never the fault of the ones who love the addict’
    shows that it is you who are ‘uneducated about the topic.’

    A simple phone call to the police reporting PSH for possession of heroin might very well of saved his life – but Mimi wasn’t will to make that
    call – and for that I blame her.

    Yes this is my opinion – which I share with the writer of the article. And of course the writer should not keep her opinions to herself! You have the right to disagree as you have done and this blog is just that, a blog. CDL doesn’t claim to be the final word on topics like addiction but we are certainly within our bailiwick when we present opinions with which you may disagree.

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  • sony2005

    poor article obviously an ignorant person trying to get a reaction. what an i m b e c i l e

  • Chris

    You are a revolting excuse for a human being. Shame on you for writing this callous piece of trash!

  • Stephanie Harville

    What an asinine article. Everyone knows that people live their lives and think nothing bad will ever happen to them. Loving an addict is HELL. She gave him some tough love. She was protecting her children! what if they had discovered him in the bathroom of their family home??!!? Now THAT might be something she couldn’t live with. All my prayers for Ms. O’Donnell, her children, and all of his family and friends.

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  • Lac

    PSH was a very interesting man and a highly skilled and entertaining actor. I worked with the man for a few months and he was a gentle fellow.
    That said, I have met many a gentle fellow surrounded by a swarm of lioving women and children who just took the wrong path. I myself fought a futile battle to reign my own man in from drug use. The relationship ended in PAIN – and I have no idea what this man is up to now.
    To accuse Mimi of overlooking PSH problem is extremely cruel. She had every reason in the world to try to make it work including a long relationship, perceived love and commitment and 3 beautiful children. Speaking from personal experience, if a mate is hell bent on personal destruction, we try our very best to bring them back. At a certain point, we must remove ourselves from the oncoming path of a speeding train wreck. I am positive Mimi carried on as courageously and faithfully as she possible could. And there were also 3 young children in the household. I am sure she feels bad enough about the way things turned out.

  • Lac

    I completely support Mimi and her decision to protect her children. The only constructive suggestion I could make to a woman in her position would be to try to have the man committed to an asylum for recovery, if one could possibly get him to do that. 12 Step and other short term approaches simply do not work for some individuals. The concept of sanitarium commitment is rather old fashioned in the minds of many, and it is not really on the radar of most addicts and their friends.
    I think an asylum is very necessary in some cases but is considered too old fashioned in our society as a possible avenue for treatment.
    In any case, I am positive that Mimi did the very best she could and to blame her for PSH death is too mean for words. Shame on the author!

  • Lac