Mob Wives: New Blood Alicia DiMichele’s Cheating and High Living With Rob LaScala Exposed (PHOTOS)

Mob Wives: New Blood Alicia DiMichele's Cheating and High Living With Rob LaScala Exposed (PHOTOS)

Alicia DiMichele, star of VH1’s Mob Wives: New Blood had an emotional scene last week on the reality show. Alicia is currently awaiting sentencing for embezzling funds from union workers, a crime she claims she had no idea that her husband Eddie “Tall Guy” Garafalo was involved with. Last week on Mob Wives: New Blood, Alicia sobbed to her friend and cried that all she ever wanted was a nice home and a family. She even went on to say “why is this happening to me?

Alicia wants the world to think that she is just a stay at home wife and mother who spends her life catering to her children, and that she was completely innocent and unaware of her husband’s embezzlement of union funds at a trucking company they owned (which Alicia maintained the books for).

The thing is, Alicia DiMichele is not the poor, innocent, stay-at-home Mom that she wants the public to think she is. Do stay-at-home Mom’s that “just want a family” spend a week in Las Vegas gambling, partying, and allegedly popping pills while their children are back home. Do doting Mothers post pictures of their eight-year-old sticking up their middle fingers on social media and talk about how “bad ass” they are? If all Alicia wanted “was a family” then why did she jump in bed with someone else’s husband, Philly restaurant owner Rob LaScala as soon as her hubby Eddie went to prison? And better yet, Rob is married!

Also, Alicia cried on Mob Wives: New Blood that the bank had frozen all of her accounts, and she was facing money problems. In fact she is using a court appointed public defender in her trail for which the taxpayer is footing the bill. If she is so strapped for cash, why is she flaunting $2200 hand-bags as she leaves federal court (see pic below) and rocking Cartier bracelets, and spending the weekends at the beach and going out for drinks with her boyfriend Rob LaScala?

Alicia DiMichele has played the victim on Mob Wives: New Blood for too long, it’s time people realized her sob story is a complete act.

Image Credit: Intsagram