Mob Wives: New Blood Natalie Guicero Slams Renee Graziano With “Delicious” Music Video

Mob Wives: New Blood Natalie Guicero Slams Renee Graziano With “Delicious” Music Video

We are about halfway through an explosive season of Mob Wives: New Blood. The majority of the drama on this season of Mob Wives has revolved around Renee Graziano and newcomer Natalie Guicero’sDelicious Feud”. When Renee introduced a man she was dating Natalie told him he “smelled delicious,” and Renee flipped out on her. The pair argued for three episodes straight on a vacation to Las Vegas over Natalie using the word “delicious” to describe Renee’s date. The “Delicious Feud” escalated to a full blown physical altercation, resulting in Renee Graziano choking Natalie Guicero.

Natalie Guicero seems to be determined to make a name for herself, and the reality star is doing so by capitalizing on her “Delicious Feud” with her co-star Renee Graziano. Natalie is blatantly dissing Renee by releasing a song titled “Delicious.” There is no doubt the song was inspired by the argument she and Renee had in Vegas on Mob Wives: New Blood.

To add insult to injury, Natalie recruited fellow Mob Wives: New Blood co-star Alicia DiMichele to appear in the music video for “Delicious.” The song is now available on ITunes, and Guicero has released a teaser of the video. In the video Natalie and Alicia DiMichele can both be seen dancing and singing in a crowded night-club.

Check out the teaser video for “Delicious” and let us know what you think in the comment section below. Should Natalie stick to reality television, or would you pay to download this song on ITunes?

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