Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Break Up as Juan Caught Cheating With Nikki’s Best Friend (PHOTO)

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Break Up as Juan Caught Cheating With Nikki's Best Friend (PHOTO)

It’s been only a few days since the Final Rose ceremony on the Bachelor was televised across the country, but according to the latest cover issue of Life & Style Magazine, Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell have barely spoken to each other since filming it.

Apparently, Nikki is furious that Juan cheated on her with her best friend, Andi Dorfman. A source explains, “After seeing Juan Pablo’s make-out sessions with Andi, Nikki’s worried about what really happened between them in the fantasy suite. Deep down, she’s convinced he had sex with her.” 

Nikki’s pal [a.k.a. the source] continues spilling the beans to Life & Style, adding that the romance between Nikki and Juan was never there to begin with. They explain, “There is no romance left between Nikki and Juan Pablo at all. “He’ll send a ‘What’s up?’ text message here or there.

Well, we know they’re still on speaking terms because Juan Pablo tweeted a picture of them together after the finale aired to much criticism. They were clearly trying to combat the rumors that they’d already broken up, although it might have also had something to do with appeasing the ABC network brass. But as the source explains, Juan Pablo just isn’t interested in making an effort, whether this relationship was ever real or not. The source adds, “Juan is a different person than she thought. He doesn’t seem interested in bringing this relationship forward. He’s not making any effort to maintain and foster it.”

Basically, Juan wants them to have a long-distance ‘relationship’, even though Nikki’s willing and able to move to Miami to live with him and his daughter. Well, of course he wants to be long-term – how will he hook up with random girls otherwise?

What do you guys think? Do you think that Nikki should just dump Juan and move on with her life? Or is she contracted to make an effort?

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  • Briana Bettels

    Hahahahahaha, who really buys such kind of trash? Oh well, must be a slow day at work and money has to be earned.

  • Mswldflwr

    I think it’s nasty for any of the ladies to have been intimate with him while he still had multiple ladies left. But Claire herself even admitted that she, in fact, did. So whether it be Andi or Claire makes no difference in my mind. If that’s not enough for Nikki to say “I’m Out,” that’s her own stupidity.

  • casey johnson

    I think that she should dump him and move on I know how it is when u are done wrong she is just gonna get hurt in the long run she needs to leave his ass alone and let him do his on thing but u know she says that she loves him and everything but u know he did all girls wrong I would have left along time before the last rose that is just my thought he is not a true guy all so come on girls u all can do better than that he is not all that we all know that he might be fine as hell but he is a jackass the way he treats his girls no wonder that he dont have a wife I dont blam them at all and juan really u need to learn how to treat ur girls