Nina Dobrev Attacks Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Dating on Instagram

Nina Dobrev Attacks Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Dating on Instagram

It’s kind of amazing how a few little photographs can appear to tell an entire story, isn’t it? Nina Dobrev is furious. Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed spent a good chunk of last weekend together, we know because we saw proof of them running and shopping together. Ian was a little too hands on and it made it pretty clear that the two are at the very least dating. Talk about a shot to the heart for Nina Dobrev, Ian’s on/off girlfriend of 3 years. She was also great friends with Nikki- as in they double dated (with Ian and Nikki’s then-husband, Paul McDonald). The ladies came up in Hollywood at about the same time and formed a friendship because of it.

Dating your friends’ ex is usually against girl code and it seems that Nina definetly hasn’t given her blessing on this new couple. I think we were all waiting for a reaction and Nina posted this to her Instagram account:

Nina Dobrev Attacks Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Dating on Instagram

I think it’s safe to say that Nina has probably been reacting to these two hooking up for a few months now. She has publicly been linked to several men while Ian has been out of sight. We already know that he won’t go public with any woman until the relationship means something so he and Nikki have been together for awhile now. Nina has known and has been letting the attention of actors like James Marsden make her feel momentarily better. I bet she hoped that Ian and Nikki would be a passing fling but with them letting the cat out of the bag it looks like just the opposite is happening. Do you think Ian and Nikki might actually be good for each other? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. lorena says:

    Nina’s ego is hurt. poor Queen. Ian is a very good man ,he deserves all the happiness of this world if nikki put in his gorgeous face a smile I’m happy.

  2. lorena says:

    Nina’s ego is hurt. poor Queen. Ian is a very good man ,he deserves all the happiness of this world, if nikki put in his gorgeous face a smile, I’m happy.

  3. Betty Wright says:

    I don’t know about that I think he is having fun and enjoying himself and I’m happy for him he deserves it because he works really hard and he deserves to have some fun in life but I don’t know if it going to laugh that long but I’m happy for him and I hope it lasts of her as long as it hope that I wouldn’t worry about Nina because she’s strong beautiful talented and she can have any man she wants but what if that is they had her looking bad on in the tabloid when she was hanging out with different men and they did not have no proof anyone is a private man and he does decide to go public that is just one sided for him but I’m sure mean I would pull through I’m disappointed that he went public with that relationship you should have kept private but I never seen a nut hugging and kissing some other guys all people said was here say about it. Win and old back to work and he’s so busy saving the planet and get so wrapped up in all of his doing he’s not going to have time for her and I think that they will go there different ways dislike mean it ended you don’t spend almost 6 years with somebody without no feelings towards each other even if you break up and you guys you guys are friends you still have feeling in that this don’t go away even if you split up so maybe they’ll come to some terms about their friends the friendship and maybe soon I don’t know I just have to wait and see but I wish they would’ve asked her where are our Nikki because let them give them a try I wish they wouldn’t Bass Nicki because she’s just a woman thats trying something different give them try something different in in her life I wish them the best but I don’t like the way the pictures look and I hurt me and said something about that on his put it in stream to protect Niki that it he does he think that people know or something whatever he said I didn’t I can’t remember what he said but you know what when you watch somebody for that many years and you watch him live chat and him on YouTube it all back and in person in this chat you get to knowing somebody so you know people may think they know him I may not know him I’ve never met the dude but I liked how he saved the planet and he is the nice guy but Nina is beautiful loving and talent and thats good that she has a kind heart because I watched her life chat on YouTube and she was pretty talented and really sweet and one of these days I’d like to meet her in person in the whole cast of Vampire Diaries

    • guest says:

      Why should he no be seen in Public with his new Girlfriend, He is single for 15 months, handled everything with class. He goes shopping to Farmers Markets all the time, and health food Stores, If he is dating , then He dos not have to hide that., and can go shopping to the Market, the Press follows him everywhere, and I think this was the best Way, a casual setting, if they would have gone to a big function, the Press would have exploded there., He also has a right to move on after 15 months and go shopping with His girlfriend and have a good Time., I wish Nikki and Ian all the best and if Ian is happy I am happy, because that man deserves to be happy. I loved the Pictures, all there showed was People having a good time and enjoying themselves.

  4. Anchy Briški says:


  5. Maliha Baig says:

    This is a fling that’s spelled I-R-R-E-C-O-N-C-I-L-A-B-L-E, She just looks different than he is…he is a hot shot, Maggie was a charm bracelet, Nina was posh..Nikki is a wash.

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  8. Imane Assi says:

    And how is this message about somereed?Nina said nothing but good things about him while he was being rude and bitter, despite of claiming to be oh so happy.The one who handled the whole thing with class is Nina ,not Ian