Nina Dobrev Hates Ian Somerhalder For Dating Nikki Reed: Vampire Diaries’ Ex-Lovers’ Tension Evident at Comic Con? (PHOTOS)

Nina Dobrev Hates Ian Somerhalder For Dating Nikki Reed: Vampire Diaries' Ex-Lovers' Tension Evident at Comic Con? (PHOTOS)

Things must have been pretty tense for awhile in San Diego this afternoon. When The Vampire Diaries took the stage at Comic Con both Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were there. In case you somehow have missed all of the drama, Ian and Nina dated for a couple of years before splitting up about 18 months ago. When they were together the couple would double date with Nikki Reed and her then husband. If you fast forward up to right now both couples have split and it seems that Ian and Nikki are totally in love and awfully close. If you saw the photos of them from last weekend then you know what I mean.

Up until now we always thought that there was a chance that Ian and Nina were still together, just being all kinds of hush hush with it. Instead he seems to be banging a former close friend. This is the first time that Ian and Nina had to show up together for a work appearance ever since the news about his love life broke and you know as well as I did that it had to be awkward.

Both Ian and Nina apparently got through the afternoon as gracefully as possible and The Vampire Diaries cast was a hit with the audience. Do you think that seeing Ian today was harder than it has been for Nina in recent months or has she finally really decided that she doesn’t need to waste a minute more on him? Do you think that Nina was betrayed by Nikki? Should Ian have been off limits because of girl code or does it not matter after the year that had already past since Nina and Ian had split? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Nina Dobrev attends the 20th Century Fox panel during Comic-Con International 2014 at the San Diego Convention Center on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California. Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder dating lovers last weekend.

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  • Betty Wright

    I just seen the picture on facebook of meaning in together and they seemed alright to me I fink said they will remain good friends n no soul said one of the source said that him and Nikki is taking baby steps so we don’t know we just leave them all alone and see where it goes the end is taking it slow with Nikki Nikki that’s what I heard that one that’s what the tabloids said so I wouldn’t worry about it they seemed alright to me and then I’ll let all Paul Paul seems a little little happy but then he seems a little stressed if you watch what they did it, time you can hear what they have to say I don’t I think I think that went and seen Anna that he realized that he Mr but I don’t think it’s nothing that is willing to get upset about I’m glad I can work together and be really close to be friends if that’s what it takes that proves that she can be friends with her up let’s leave the three of them along and see where it leads I’m just so tired of them coming down Nina and then all kinds of stuff with the bus free just leaving alone and we’ll see where it goes I don’t think a man I keep going to lab today taking baby steps but I don’t know but him and me know and we’ll always be really good friends and I’m happy for them but they didn’t make everything and comfortable of us a little tense but it wasn’t datpiff everybody had to make a big deal about it I can’t wait for season 6

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  • LeighAnn Alliet-Crosby

    I think it is a pretty crappy thing to do on Ian’s part you don’t date your ex’s friends.

  • LeighAnn Alliet-Crosby

    If its so embarrassing why you on here posting????

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  • Nicki

    That If they both love each other they should get back together and let everything behind. I wish that nina and Ian get back together.

  • theresa


  • Karen Jones

    dont you think when you make a comment that it makes sense my god the english is very disturbing and doesnt make sense. lets face it Mr Somerhalder is a player lets look at this in perspective he is a 35 year old man that has urges and big ones he is at the prime of his life and young women is the only genetic he can pick up for a quick fix lets face it he is a player and will never change are we idiots,he is a sexy man and was single and single young girls find this attractive come on lets be real Ian Somerhalder will play around for as long as it is worth etc stardom and tvd fandom and he has a large fan base etc young girls he has never dated anyone his own age miss spent youth. He started working at a young age and hasnt sowed his oates until now. My opinion of him has failed miserable tvd must be better this season otherwise Im donsky, He will never be really happy in his life he has taken on tooooo much to handle it.

  • Donna

    Nikki Reed is an attention whore!

  • Sharon

    Nikki should not be on the set of TVD during work….very unprofessional! Keep the personal relationship separate from the set for everyone involved.