Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida Split: Kicks Convict to the Curb and Begs Bravo for Another Season of RHOA


Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida Split: Kicks Convict to the Curb and Begs Bravo for Another Season of RHOA

Are we still buying the whole southern belle routine that The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks likes to peddle? Yeah, I don’t think so. I still say she is the mastermind behind the identity theft scheme that has left her husband, Apollo Nida under federal indictment. After he was arrested back in January Phaedra at first seemed to be standing by her man but within a few weeks Apollo was spotted out at a club with an armful of chicks- hardly carrying himself like a happily married man.

By all accounts Phaedra is one for appearances and what we see is rarely the reality so you better believe she bounced Apollo to the curb as fast as possible. Girlfriend needs to put distance between herself and those charges because I’m pretty sure after an interview or two the authorities realized Apollo isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box. Phaedra has to appear to be against his behavior because doing anything else will bring them sniffing around her- if they aren’t already doing that.

One clear sign that her marriage is on ice is the fact that Phaedra told Bravo producers that she absolutely is ready to sign on for another season of RHOA. It would be pretty tough to maintain her pristine image if she had to film with Apollo. Instead it’s much more likely that Phaedra wants to separate herself from him in the public realm by now being seen as a single mom of two young boys. Gotta hand it to her, she’s trying to do everything imaginable to quickly build up a life that doesn’t include Apollo, but will it work? Does anyone believe that she is innocent and was never involved with Apollo’s schemes? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • drdebo cherry

    “they” have known about her ring for years- I mean their is book detailing it- why they have let her continue on – as her “staff” are picked off one by one- serve their time- come back- continue to work for her- get sent back to prison- ….strange …even for Atlanta….unless “they” are on the take…as well….

  • calitoken

    Coming from someone that presently lives in atlanta (I’ve only been here a year) it seems as though Phedra fits the mold of the typical atlanta female that’s all show… they seem one way on the outside but deep down they are blood sucking snakes. So if you read this Phedra just know everything in the dark is going to come to light, be prepared…. ::grabs popcorn::

  • calitoken

    Correction ***Phaedra

  • Ann

    I don’t feel she is involved because she has too much going for herself and I don’t see her risking being separated from her children. Sadly, her husband is young and inmature…she got caught up in his looks because he is FINE but purely “eye candy”.

    • sunny2424

      There is no way Phaedra is involved. She’d lose her licenses, her boys, her freedom, all she’s worked for the last several years. She knows how serious all these charges are. Apollo may be going away for a long time. If all the charges stick he’s ruined in Atlanta and she would be too. Since they’re on a popular television program they’re basically ruined everywhere it’s aired. Who wants to go to a funeral home where the owner is an identity theif, or an attorney that’s been charged with bank fraud. I really wondered why she put up with his shenanigans this long but you’re right, he’s fairly attractive. But the way he treats her has always made him look ugly, to me. How can you trust this man ever again?

      • savvy

        I dont think shes involved..shes smarter than that. She has her own money b4 apollo came on the scene and for trashy kenya, karma is a bitch, thats why u aint got a man and cant have a child..TWIRL ON THAT! #respectpeoplesmarraige

  • ms toot

    Hell no everybody except for phadera knows shes totally involved.she better watch her self the feds likes to give deals. Keep pushing phadera and Mr. Wont be doing as much time as you think. Everyone knows the feds likes to give deals. Bravo dont be part of her scheme. Tell her to ask for some of her money back from those elaborate parties or better yet open up a daycare she loves starting new business so much.

  • Pinkie31

    O Boy this could be a big mess for Phaedra but I know she’s a very Strong woman I hope things work out for her.

  • i believe she new all about it. i remember the 1st time she appeared on the rhoa reunion show. andy asked her what was apollo’s occupation, she replied vehicle acquisition. andy asked for clarification of what that was. she stated gaining possession of cars. she hemmed and hawed, very timid in her answer, and quickly changed the subject. i clearly remember that conversation. phaedra for sure new what was up and i believe was the master mind.
    if you are successful and busy in a law practice, how do you find the time to dive into other side hustles which requires education, training, and more. on top of that has 2 young children. where is all their money coming from?

    • Jennifer Collier

      I agree she definitely knew and she could never quite explain what he did for a living convincingly. My question is though why turn a blind eye to it like he wouldn’t get caught. Knowing you live all flashy and your practice isn’t doing that well so people start talking and the Feds start listening. I be darn if my husband get in some mess and people start looking at me sideways knowing I knew what he was up to sad

  • amb

    I don’t think she’s involved. That accusation of course will sell more stories and help bloggers. She is really too smart, too busy. He isn’t smart that is why he got caught.

  • realhousewifeofNC

    Phaedra is a get money chick. She did it and kept her hands clean. She smart. And I don’t blame her.

  • fergie

    Phadrea is a really good lawyer…I really don’t think Apollo would have gotten caught if she was involved….

    • thatuptowncat37

      Well she hasnt been implicated….and that can go either way…..

  • Jane

    Knowing about something and participating in it are two different things. He could have had separate accounts that she didn’t touch. She’s a lawyer who knows how to keep herself out of trouble even if her husband can’t help himself. If they find out that she knew AND she had access to the money that could land her in jail.

  • kay

    Yeah, rhoa fan 4 life..I believe youre on point. He’s very smart…and kenya tries to pretend as if he rambles..but if you listen carefully,, he sometimes talk in riddles or allegorys. But he aint dumb by a long shot!!!! But like Forest Gump says..Stupid is What Stupid Does…

  • Tammera Reed

    Hell yeah I believe she was oblivious to what Appollo was doing. He was really never around and at times didn’t even seem like he was that into Phadra. And she is not one of my biggest fans but I’m siding with her. He did this on his own he just acting dumb.

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  • sidda lee

    Phaedra Parks stinks of guilt…

  • Wsmiles

    Apollo was apparently smart enough to pull off the fraud that landed him in jail last time (before he knew Phaedra?). Looks like he has the fraud thing down pat. Just hasn’t figured out how not to get caught. I think its such a shame. I actually like Apollo.Seems like he could be a nice guy if he’d just wear that part of his persona all the time. Such foolishness.

  • jjw

    Come on now if any of u have a husband u know she probably speculated something by the same token do down her because she didn’t leave him the Bible says love hides a multitude of sin everybody has played a fool for love and if u haven’t keep living plenty of y’all have been lied to cheated on and beat but u went back so hold yo opinion this her life and her husband

  • IveSeenEnough

    Of course she was involved!

  • IveSeenEnough

    Hey, you don’t know what she was or was not involved in.

  • IveSeenEnough

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. Have you seen all the evidence that the feds have collected? Unless you have you don’t know what they know