Is Pippa Middleton Pregnant With Nico Jackson’s Child – See Baby Bump Pics? (PHOTOS)

Is Pippa Middleton Pregnant With Nico Jackson's Child - See Baby Bump Pics? (PHOTOS)

Is Pippa Middleton pregnant with her boyfriend Nico Jackson? We have heard rumors swirling for the last several weeks about Kate Middleton likely being pregnant with baby number two. Perhaps we have all been so fixated on Kate’s waistline that it took a bit longer to pay attention to what is happening with her sister, Pippa Middleton. Have you noticed that she’s not exactly as bu8ff as usual around the middle? Rumors really started to pick up momentum when she and Nico Jackson were spotted scouting houses in London. The catch- the potential home must have nannies quarters!

It’s no secret that Pippa’s career as a writer has completely stalled out. Her party planning book sold so badly last year that a second book was nixxed and then there was that Lifestyles column that Pippa penned for about 6 months. Apparently no one cared about how to properly make pasta. The comments were so bad that moderators eventually closed them down completely before pulling the plug on it altogether.

Perhaps Pippa has decided to focus on starting her own family. If you saw her Today Show interview a few weeks back she totally lit up while discussing Prince George. Maybe spending time with him has been by far the most rewarding thing that she has experienced this year. Do you think that Pippa is actually already pregnant and realizes that her sister Kate’s pregnancy now would cause her to be on the family backburner again? Are both Middleton sisters expecting babies? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

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