Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers: Identity of ‘A’ Revealed by Ezra Fitz – But We Have Doubts?

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers: Identity of 'A' Revealed by Ezra Fitz - But We Have Doubts?

The Pretty Little Liars writers have a magical way of giving fans answers that only create more questions, and the Season 5 premiere of PLL was no exception to that rule. If you don’t want to read any Pretty Little Liars spoilers, then you should probably stop reading now. Just like PLL fans all over the world, we are still trying to wrap our minds around all of the shocking reveals during the June 10th episode.

So, who is “A”…Well, according to the Season 5 premiere, the “A” that has been tormenting the liars is none other than Alison’s confidante Shanna. Is Shanna really “A” though? We all suspected her of being so when she popped up in Rosewood during Season 3; however, as the series went on, it was revealed that Shanna was just another red herring and actually was helping Alison DiLaurentis. Which makes total sense, and no sense, all at the same time. Shanna had motive; according to Alison, she was in love with Jenna Marshall and was getting revenge for the firecracker incident that blinded her the summer before Alison went missing.

But, there are some things that just aren’t settling well with us over the whole “A” reveal. Shanna claims she orchestrated the fire at the lodge, but if you remember correctly, Emily caught Melissa ordering Shanna and Jenna around and telling them something was going down at the lodge. So, who was really running the “A” show? Melissa or Shanna?

And if Shanna was “A” and was in love with Jenna, then who hit Jenna over the head and threw her in the lake for dead? And who attacked Shanna in her car and left her at the Rosewood town line? It almost seems like the PLL writers just wanted to wrap up a ton of open-ended storylines and pinned half of them on Shanna so that the series could move along.

It was revealed on June 10th that ABC Family has renewed Pretty Little Liars for Season 6 and Season 7. If Shanna really is “A” then what are the next forty plus episodes going to be about? Do you agree with Shanna being “A” or do you feel like the PLL writers just used her as a scapegoat to clean up their mounting mess of storylines? Feel free to rant in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your PLL spoilers and recaps.


10 responses to “Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers: Identity of ‘A’ Revealed by Ezra Fitz – But We Have Doubts?”

  1. hannahgmbxo says:

    i dont think shanna is A

  2. Dana says:

    Actually it’s only been said that shana was the A behind the events that happened in New York (the whole masked person chasing the girls to the roof and shooting Ezra) shana said she started the fire at the lodge which makes sense since both shana and Jenna were there and the person who hit toby over the head dropped the lighter toby found and toby was following Jenna and it was shana who hit him… And Melissa did sent shana and Jenna to the lodge because she thought the girls were gonna meet with alison and shana probably wanted to size the opportunity and kill the girls and alison as revenge for Jenna sort of like an eye for and eye (Jenna got blinded in the fire alison and the girls caused) as for who hit Jenna in the head at the lake or who told shana to get out of town… That was the real A or as we call him or her “big A”… Shana isn’t the real A… She’s just a girl who fell in love and tried to get revenge for that love… Besides big A is the person who cleaned Mona’s lair after it was reveled mona was A at season 2 final and he is also the person who stole Ali’s body from her grave because back than mona was at radley and she didnt recruit toby until later so that was big A and A is also the person who got wildens car out of the lake and put wildens body in it after CeCe killed him… A is the black widow who attended wildens funeral and afterwards she had a burned Ali mask and that means she was involved in the lodge fire… She didnt start it because shana said she did it but my guess is that she was the one who saved spencer aria Emily and Mona (hanna was saved by alison and alison said that all the others were already outside when she got there) A ( black widow) probably didnt want her favorite dolls to die in someone else’s hands and saved them but didnt want alison to see her so she ran away before she got hanna out…I’m not sure I’m completely right because let’s face it this show is so complicated only the writers ( and troian :) ) manage to follow after everything that is happening so everything I just said could be totally right or like super wrong…

  3. Sammyg427 says:

    Well if you just saw PLL Season 5 Episode 1 you will realize Shanna has taken a fall; and has died. So of Shanna was supposed to be “A” then their is a problem…
    I believe “A” is still out there looking for more distractions to kill Alison??!!??

  4. danne says:

    You all for getting that in the books she has a twin sister!?!? Last episode someone buried Allison’s mom. Guy who shot ezra had to be the brother of the twins or Spencer’s dad trying to help Allisons mom cover up the fact she had an insane twin sister, next episode im assuming that everyone is going to try to put the insane sister in lock down foreverwhile the brother

  5. danne says:

    And the brother is in jail for shooting Ezra and the mom is buried leaving just the twins

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  7. tinamariecx says:

    Yeah well A doesn’t disappear that fricking easy. Aria will be in the A team. And everyone will find out about the Jenna thing.

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  10. dudette1231 says:

    I think that PLL, season 5 is the darkest and most depressing season yet…someone cries every episode! And, no, I don’t believe Shanna is A. I CANNOT BELIEVE they are having two more seasons of this show. I’m a huge PLL fan, but I’m over it! I just want to know who A is and move on with my life!