Prince Charles Won’t Allow Prince Harry to Marry Cressida Bonas Over Family Scandal

Prince Charles Won't Allow Prince Harry to Marry Cressida Bonas Over Family Scandal

According to the latest report from the National Enquirer, Prince Charles doesn’t want Prince Harry marrying Cressida Bonas, because he thinks that it will affect the royal family’s public image. Apparently, Cressida’s stepfather committed suicide and this apparently means that she can’t marry Harry?

If this story is true, then Prince Charles is the biggest hypocrite in the entire royal family. First of all, how the heck is Charles in any condition to make judgments on marriages? His relationship with Princess Diana was an unmitigated disaster, saved only by the fact that Diana was such a wonderful mother.

Anyway, the Enquirer’s source explains, “Harry had a meltdown after his father told him to ‘back off’ from Cress because of her family problems. Charles has been thrilled that the Royal family’s credibility was restored after Prince William married Kate Middleton and (their son) Prince George was born. Charles doesn’t want Cress’ family problems to cost them all that good will.”

Seriously? If anything, Cressida Bonas is significantly more prepared to join the family than Kate ever was. And how can Charles hold the girl’s stepfather against her, especially when members of the royal family have done similar things in the past? Plus, the Middleton family’s not exactly without its share of ‘interesting’ family members, so all this crap about the royal family’s ‘credibility’ being restored after Will’s marriage to Kate is ridiculous. Like I said, Cressida’s family is technically more ‘suitable’ for a royal marriage than the Middletons ever were. And anyway, I highly doubt Harry would listen to word Charles has to say, at least not until he’s king – and if Charles has his way, that’ll be sooner rather than later.

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10 responses to “Prince Charles Won’t Allow Prince Harry to Marry Cressida Bonas Over Family Scandal”

  1. Victoria McGuire says:

    Prince Harry’s father has no business whatsoever telling him who he should or should not marry. Charles was a cheating husband, even carried on with Camilla prior to marrying Diana, while Camilla was still married to her husband.

  2. DuchessLazy says:

    Nice article ! I agree. Who is Charles to lecture anybody ?! My God, Diana named him as who would be behind her demise if she were to die in a car crash. And then she did. What are the odds ? And yes the Middleton family are the worst circus that ever came to town. Kate can’t keep her dress down in public, and she’s lazy. So is William. In fact Kate’s latest gig was doing nothing all January and then taking off for a vacation in Mustique. Apparently she and William think the public isn’t good enough to look at George, no one ever releases photos of him, it’s been months. Yet – Kate will soon be making those PR/public service/brownie-points visits to other people’s kids. It ups her image you know, to visit with the common folk’s kids and all….of course, none of us rate ever being able to see HER kid. But Kate will use other people’s kids as props so she looks as if she’s “caring”. I wonder if she’s partly behind the anti-Cressida thing since Kate knows that William was VERY interested in Cressida’s sister. In fact he once dumped Kate in order to try to get Cressida’s sister.
    Anyway ——- I hope Harry marries Cressida. Charles can go suck an egg. So can Kate Dolittle.

    • John Culley says:

      The anti-monarchist Roundhead voyeur pontificator is at it again. She wants to ban beautiful women wearing shorter skirts because of wind, ignoring the fact that Princess Margaret had the same problem with long skirts, wind and photographers back in 1959 and no one ever called her an exhibitionist. The Duchess of Cambridge has been hounded by the media for over a decade and has endured it all with patience and grace. Hopefully she can pass her knowledge of the paparazzi to Cressida who was recently photographed eating a salad which should enrage the Roundhead almost as much as does the wind and children.

  3. John Culley says:

    Prince Harry has superior taste in women. His lady friends are talented, competent and beautiful.

  4. NoToCressida says:

    Charles has gone through a terrible divorce.That experience makes him far more suitable to determine whether Cressida is right for Harry or not.Furthermore,Charles came to witness the demise of Andrew’s marriage and the subsequent constant embarrassments.We do not know this girl but Charles does.I am sure his advice against the relationship is sound and given out of concern for his son’s future.He doesn’t want Harry to have to go through a painful divorce as he did.People who have made mistakes are the best to give advice.Kate on the other hand is in no position to give advice since her own marriage is yet to stand the test of time.Kate and William are only in their second year and Kate is already on holiday alone-something that most of us would find rather odd for couple who married so recently.

  5. Kristen says:

    On the plus side ,Cressida would not outdo Kate.they are both rather I can see why the Middleton family would not oppose this union.That and the fact that Cressida appears a bit mentally unstable(wasn’t it Fergie’s camp who introduced the two and urged Harry to propose)??Sadly,Cressida would just be another unsuitable woman joining the family.I see her exchange experiences with Kate on how to do nothing for the people and have the PR teams pick up their slack.

  6. John says:

    Prince Andrew/Koo Stark and Princess Margaret and the man she loved but was unable to marry-when will the royal family learn that only love marriages have a chance to stand the tough scrutiny the family is under???!!!!Cressida is just another hole in Harry’s belt.I have a feeling the girl he will choose one day will make the Middletons far greener than Cressida and her sister are able to do.I hope he finds someone beautiful as his mother was.Someone who has a good heart and cares about people.Can you imagine what a shock that would be for the Middletons?I wish him best of luck.

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