Project Runway Under the Gunn RECAP 4/10/14: Season 1 Finale “Life”


Tonight on Lifetime Emmy Award winning Tim Gunn returns with another new episode of PROJECT RUNWAY: UNDER THE GUNN. On “Life,” season 1 ends with the designers being given three days to create their collections and present them in a runway show. Heidi Klum and Neil Patrick Harris guest judge.

On last week’s episode the remaining designers have to find ideas in Marvel’s varied cast of characters, such as Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Falcon, Hawkeye and more served as inspiration.  At elimination it was a very tough decision and a nail biter. The judges ended up allowing Sam and Asha to stay for the finals. So there will be four designers moving into the finale.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here.

On tonight’s episode and the finale the four designers, Asha Daniels, Oscar Garcia-Lopez, Sam Donovan and Shan Keith Oliver will design their own collections.

Tonight’s episode was going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime′s Under the Gunn Season 1 Finale at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of Under The Gunn tonight.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

The final four designers are ready for the final. Mondo has two designers left, Asha and Sam, Anya has Shan, and Nick has Oscar. This is going to be one tight competition!

The Challenge Begins

Tonight’s competition begins with Tim congratulating the designers. He also presents the last challenge. They must present a five look collection. They have a budget of 2500.00 and three days to complete the challenge. The Corporate Marketing Manager for Lexus, Brian Bolain, joins Tim and the designers. The winner will win a Lexus! In the meantime, each mentor team gets to use a Lexus to get back and forth to Mood. The designers need to make this collection very personal. It should really amplify their style. Each mentor speaks with their designers about their plans.

The designers are off to Mood! Once they get back, they are greeted by their new helpers….former show designers! It is nice to see some of the old faces back. They are all busy working hard until the last minute of night 1.

The next morning Tim has a surprise for the designers…they brought in all of their families! They all take a break and sit and have lunch together with their family and their mentor. This brought a whole new wave of inspiration into the designers.

Back in the workroom….Asha is surprised when Mondo says her look is beginning to seem costumey, but he liked the fabrics she chose at Mood. On to Sam, Mondo calls Sam’s look, the Legend of Zelda. Tim actually loves it. Oscar gets his visit from Nick and Tim. Oscar gets the green light on his designs but they warn him it may not be wise to use a design that he just recently used…even if the judges loved it. Shan is visited by Tim and Anya. Anya provides some direction, but Tim and Anya trust that he will take it where it needs to go. Each of the designers have a very different and unique look. It is obvious they each put their full heart and soul into their collections.

Preparation for the show

The designers get to see the venue for the runway show. They are so excited to see the stage and all the seats. As the designers work tirelessly to get their collections ready for runway, Tim begins to MC the fashion show and introduces guest judges Neil Patrick Harris and Heidi Klum.

Runway Time!!

Sam hits the stage and talks about his collection. The goal is to always remember how beautiful you are inside. His armor look is fierce. He adds a pop of color to the second design giving it a youthful appeal. His collection is very impressive. The fabric is gorgeous and he was really creative. His construction is well done as well.

Next is Shan. This is his interpretation of hard and soft through leather and lace. Nice choice in color using red with black, but the most amazing is the unique design and construction where he intertwines leather and lace perfectly.

Asha is inspired by Nefertiti in her collection. She used golds and coppers, red, and warm colors. The construction is great and the look is very unique.

Last up is Oscar. He explains he likes to protect women and that is what inspired his collection. This is some serious couture. He mixes fabrics so well and had a nice variations in designs that each had a different look, but all tied well to the overall collection.

The Judges Comments

At the judges table tonight: Jen Rade, Zanna Robert-Rossi, Rachel Roy, and guest judges Neil Patrick Harris and Heidi Klum.

Each designer is asked to tell about their inspiration before they hear the critique,

Sam: cohesive, texture , sexy and easy, market for everything he does, beautifully done. NPH felt a little too safe.

Oscar: loves pants-sexy, a lot of looks seem replicated from previous challenges but not as well done, NPH feels this final challenge should be a culmination of everything, Heidi Klum loved it. Received the most applause.

Shan: you are great with graphic prints, but you didn’t use it with this. You don’t have to do everything in so much detail. Love the red jumpsuit, too many things going on and not cohesive enough, did a little too much. NPH actually really liked it.

Asha: gasps from the audience-well done, great print choices, you have original thoughts and that trumps everything. Love the kimono, best she’s ever done. Heidi thinks the look is more harsh, and NPH didn’t particularly like it and thought it was confusing.

The judges deliberate and it is a tight competition.

The Winner!

Shan receives some amazing compliments from Tim, but it told he is not a contender for the win. Shan is grateful and very happy for what he’s gained. Tim tells Asha how she is grown and that she should be proud of how far she came. She is told she is not a contender for the win.

Oscar and Sam are up for the win. Oscar is the winner! Nick is the wining mentor. I hope Sam feels very proud of his work. He is happy with 2nd place because his internal win was seeing his clothes on the runway.