Queen Elizabeth Orders Prince Charles to Divorce Camilla Parker-Bowles – Duchess of Cornwall Will Never Be Queen!

Queen Elizabeth Orders Prince Charles to Divorce Camilla Parker-Bowles - Duchess of Cornwall Will Never Be Queen!

Camilla Parker Bowles has spent the majority of the last year swinging random threats at the royal family. She wrongly believed that threatening to talk to the press (if her financial divorce demands weren’t met) would serve her well and that, ultimately, she’d have the upper hand over Queen Elizabeth. Camilla is beyond livid that the Queen has decided to abdicate next year and consciously hand power over to Prince William rather than Prince Charles.

Cami originally thought that if she wouldn’t be on the throne she could lock down a $350 million divorce settlement by threatening to divulge family secrets. At first, Elizabeth seemed a bit daunted by that idea, but apparently she’s no longer afraid of Camilla.

According to the July 14th print edition of Globe Magazine, Elizabeth has told Charles to go ahead with the divorce rather than continuing to pacify Camilla. She also summoned Camilla to the palace and had a nifty chat with her, telling the duchess that she’s a complete disgrace and that the family needs to be rid of her. Of course, Camilla will walk away with some cash, but the royal family isn’t going to meet her outrageous demands, especially by being blackmailed into a nice payday.

Ironically, after being railed against by the queen, Camilla turned to Charles for comfort! Of course, he wasn’t feeling sorry for her and it lead to another gin-infused fight between the mismatched couple. It seems that Elizabeth is right: they just need to put an end to their miserable marriage. But do you think that Cami really will run to the press in order to try and cash in and embarrass the royals?

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  • Linda

    When did all of this divorce business come about? Haven’t read a word about it until today.

  • BSDetector

    biggest pile of BS i have ever read

  • Fed Up

    Could somebody please explain what those medals on Charles are for and what did he do to earn them.

    • fourscoreandseven

      They are easily researched. If you really care, start looking them up. Some are quite interesting.

      WHY should anyone “spoon feed” THER research to you?

      I am FED UP with people who expect answers to their questions without expending the effort to find out themselves.

  • royalmusings

    You do know it is fiction. Did you not see the photos of Charles and Camila arm in arm in Wales last week. The Globe is not a newspaper, but a rag, fiction You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such crap. Follow me on Twitter and my blog for real news http://royalmusingsblogspotcom.blogspot.com/

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