Reign RECAP 3/27/14: Season 1 Episode 16 “Monsters”

Reign RECAP 3/27/14: Season 1 Episode 16 “Monsters”

REIGN on the CW seemed to start off a bit slow but as its’ first season progresses the buzz is getting really good and fans seem to be enjoying it. In tonight’s new episode called, “Monsters,” Bash saves Francis’ life while they’re in the woods exploring the latest ominous threat. Meanwhile, Henry becomes obsessed with a servant who won a contest; Greer is seen kissing a kitchen servant; and Henry forces a new couple into a union.

On last week’s episode  a matchmaking event was held for the women in the castle, but Lola didn’t want to take part in it. Meanwhile, Kenna grew frightened when Henry flew into another rage, so she turned to Catherine; and Bash learned firsthand about the horrors of the woods.   Meanwhile, Sebastian wanted to unearth the truth about the Darkness. He saw something horrifying in the Dark Forest.  This episode was written by Charlie Craig and is directed by Steve DiMarco.  Did you watch the last episode? If not we have a full recap for you right over here.

On tonight’s episode when Francis (Toby Regbo) reluctantly agrees to help Bash (Torrance Coombs) uncover the threat in the woods, he ends in grave danger, with only Bash to save him.  Meanwhile, the King’s madness causes chaos when a servant (guest star Kathryn Prescott) wins “Queen for the Day,” and the King becomes obsessed with her.   The King also forces a surprising, and unbreakable, union with a new couple at Court.  Meanwhile, Greer (Celina Sinden) gets caught kissing kitchen servant Leith (guest star Jonathan Keltz), which threatens to ruin her.   Adelaide Kane, Anna Popplewell and Caitlin Stasey also star.  The episode was directed by Jeff Renfroe and written by Drew Lindo and Wendy Riss Gatsiounis.

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A girl is in a cave chained up. She sees a shadowy figure approach. Olivia wakes yelling and tells Nostradamus about the darkness. He calms her and brings her food. He tells her that trauma is hard to let go but she’s ready to rejoin society. He touches her and she flinches. She tells him her back hurts and he unlaces her gown. He sees a wound that is infected. He says he needs to drain it and lays her down. He takes a scalpel to it and then sees there’s something inside it. He takes some pliers and plls out what looks like a tooth or a nail – not human.

Henry stares at a candle while a courtier yammers. He tells the Marquis that he didn’t listen. He tells him to take care of it himself. He asks are his ears full of wax. He orders his guards to hold him down and snuffs a candle then pours hot wax into the man’s ear. Catherine comes in and tells him to stop. Henry tells her she’s trying to hide him from the court and accuses her of poisoning him. He tells her he’s sharper than ever and to reschedule the Bean for Queen for the Day event she had canceled.

Francis tells Mary that there is a bean in a cake and the girl that gets it can be Queen for the day complete with wearing the robes and jewels and even the servants get to play. He tells her his father always “welcomes” the Queen for the day in his own special way. The girl will get gifts and favors but at the end of the day is back to her humdrum life. Mary says it’s a fairy tale ending. Francis says he hated it watching his dad juggle his  mom, Diane and the bean queen.

Mary says she welcomes the distraction because at least for a day they’ve stopped hassling her about being pregnant. They come in to see the girls get some cake and see Lord Julian, Greer’s fiance. He’s cute and Kenna complains that Henry hasn’t found her a suitor like that. Greer introduces him to Mary and the ladies and he asks Mary for her blessing. She gives it. Lola and Kenna hug Greer.

Lord Peppercorn and Leith talk about departing the next day and he asks Leith if he will miss court life and he says he’s very grateful. Mary pulls Lola aside and tells her one suitor she had in mind has been delayed. Lola is worried she’ll be showing soon.

Henry strides in and Nostradamus and Catherine worry about what he will be up to. She tells him only Kenna knows of his madness. They have no idea what’s going on with him. Nostradamus gives her a vial that says it will put Henry into a coma until they can find a cure. A servant girl screams in glee when she finds the bean. Henry asks her name and she says Penelope. Catherine comes offer and puts her crown on the girl and tells her she crowns her Queen of the Bean. Henry helps her up into a litter carried by servants and everyone applauds. Catherine thinks this could be the way to get the serum to him.

Bash comes in and says he needs to speak to Henry. He sends Bash to the dungeon as he tries to yell out a warning. Mary wants Francis to help him but he says he’s a liar and a murderer and tells her to stay away from him – that he’s only back to try and get her. Of course Mary heads down to the dungeon to see him. He’s chained to the wall. She tells him that she has bribed someone to take him to Spain and he needs to never return. She asks why he’s there and she defends Francis and says he didn’t try to kill him but that he does stir up something terrible in Francis. He tells her they could have been happy but says he is there on behalf of a girl he found in the woods.

Catherine sits Penelope down at her desk and tells her it will be the greatest night of her life. She tries jewels on the girl and she says it’s more than she dreamed of. Catherine tells her she wants her to be the first Queen of the Bean to think long term. She tells her they can be friends for good. She asks if she’s a virgin and tells her that pretty girls sometimes have a special experience with the king and his appetite in bed can be rough. She tells him he’s like a horse that can be a “lengthy” experience that can last hours. Catherine tells her she can help her. She offers the girl the vial. She tells her it’s an aphrodisiac that will get him done sooner. She tells her to pour it in his wine and that she’ll be quickly back to gowns, jewels and a feast.

Francis finds Mary and Bach come out of the cell and he confronts them. He explains to Francis about the sacrifices in the blood wood. He tells him there is a monster and Bash tells them about Rowan. Bash says he wants to be gone but they need to make the woods safe. Bash tells him only one has survived the monster – Olivia – and she’s in the castle.

Leith comes to see Greer and says he had to see her once more. She tells him not to come closer and he mocks her engagement to a highborn, rich and titled man. Greer says her fiance is all she ever wanted except that he’s not Leith. He goes to her and they kiss. But then a servant and Lord Julian comes in. Leith lies and says he stole a kiss and that he forced himself on her. Lord Julian tells the guards not to harm him but they take him away. Julian has a gift for her and she insists it’s not his fault. Julian says this can’t go on with his wife. He tells her he can’t marry her. He tells her he’s sorry and walks out. But at least he leaves the gift. Greer collapses into tears.

Francis, Mary and Bash talk to Olivia and Bash says they have to kill the monster. Francis says it’s a person they need to kill. Mary asks if Olivia could lead them to the cave. She says she remembers a meadow lined with firs. Francis says he will bring guards and Bash says the guards tried to kill him. Francis guarantees his safety and says he will kill the person and then put Bash on the first boat to Spain.

Olivia insists the monster is not human and can’t be killed but Nostradamus comes in and tells them he is human and shows them what he dug out of Olivia’s back. He says it’s a tooth – a human tooth filed to a sharp point. Mary asks why someone would do that and Nostradamus says perhaps to feed but it proves it’s a man. Mary tells Francis and Bash to go kill him but to remember who the real enemy is. They go.

Greer cries to Lola and Kenna and tells them Leith will be beaten until his back is split open. She says he’ll be left in the cells and that she loves him. Greer says she’s ruined her family. Lola tells her it’s not dire and Greer says the gossip is everywhere and she has no future. Mary comes in and tells her not to say that. She tells her not to be ashamed. She tells Mary that all but Lola have brought her shame and then Lola says there’s something they should no.

Mary comes to Henry on Leith’s behalf. He tells her that Lord Peppercorn also came to help him. Henry says that he’s being conscripted into the Army and will leave tomorrow. Penelope comes in and Henry greets her with a smile and begins to unbuckle his pants while Mary is still in the room. She says she should go but Henry asks her to stay. He says that she could show Penelope how to please a ruler. He tells her to pretend Penelope is Francis and put on a show for him. Mary asks if he’s unwell and he says no ruler is ever unwell. Mary asks to borrow Penelope for a moment but Henry holds out his hand to the girl and she goes to him.

Mary leaves and Penelope asks if he likes bondage. She says servants talk. She has a scarf and holds out his hands and binds them. She tells him she can give him the pleasure he offers others. He says he has always been on the giving end and she tells him that must be tiring and she takes over and orders him to get on the bed. She tells him not to speak unless spoken to and picks up his belt and holds it gamefully.

Francis, Bash and the guards come to the meadow. Francis tells Bash to stay close to him. Bash says he has no weapon. Francis tells him everyone despises him and that he’s made him the villain. Bash tells him he has everything and everyone kissing his ass and he has no reason to be threatened by him. Francis calls him a traitor and a usurper. But then they are distracted by tracks in the snow. They head off in that direction.

Penelope comes to see Catherine and she asks if the girl gave him the potion. She tells him he didn’t need an aphrodisiac. She asks if it’s medicine for his madness and Catherine says she’s clever. Penelope promises to get it to him. She asks Catherine to give her the throne and the Queen relinquishes it but walks away calling her a stupid kitchen whore.

Mary asks Lola why she’s not dressed for the party. She tells her that her dress won’t fit and she’s out of time. Mary tells her to marry Lord Julian. She says it was Greer’s idea. She says Julian spurned her kindly and would be a good match. Mary tells her she needs it to work because her marriage to Francis is threatened on all sides. She tells her Bash is there and Francis is jealous and the baby she’s carrying is a problem. Lola agrees to marry him quickly if Mary can sway him towards it.

The horses are spooked and Bash heads back to check one. Francis trudges on across the field. They hear a loud whistle and the guards are gone. Bash tells him it’s the monster’s sound and Francis says the footprints stop but he sees something. It’s a severed hand with a tattoo on it – but then the ice he’s on breaks and he plummets through. Bash goes after him and tells the guard to stay back. He searches for his brother under the snow and ice. He sees him fighting for air and tries to break the ice. Francis moves along under the ice and Bash tries to break it with a sword. He cracks the ice and breaks through and is able to put his head in and grab his brother who looks to be unconscious. He begs Francis to live.

comes to whisper to her that she’s beautiful and then goes to tell Greer it was a good job with the kitchen boy. Henry tells her it’s the first interesting thing she’s ever done and then tells Kenna now maybe everyone will stop wagging their tongues about her. They are appalled as he strides away beaming. Kenna tells Mary that Henry is being heartless and cruel. Greer says at least he’s doing it to her face. They look at Julian talking to Lola and she says she threw her chance away. But Lord Peppercorn is there and Mary tells her maybe not then leaves her to talk to the pepper merchant.

Greer thanks him for rescuing Leith and he tells her he did it for her. She asks why he still seeks her favor and he tells her he cares about her even though he’s not the man of her dreams. He tells her that marrying him will put an end to all the gossip. He asks Greer if she will marry him and she accepts. He hugs her and thanks her. Greer says likewise.

Nostradamus comes in as the dancing starts. Olivia is there and he tells her she looks pretty. He says he wasn’t expecting her and she says she’s feeling better. She asks him to dance with her but he say she can’t and walks out.

Bash finds Francis by the fire and asks how he’s feeling. He says lucky to be alive and tells Bash he saved his life and asks if that was wise. He asks why he risked it and Bash says he’s his brother. Francis asks if Mary knows they’re back and he says yes. Bash also tells him the guards found the cave and there was no one there but there are signs of blood and evidence of torment. Bash says the man left Rowan’s hand to tempt them onto the ice. Francis promises him he will track and kill the man and tells Bash he can leave assured of that. He tells Bash he deserves his own life far away from there. Bash says maybe he can find something of his own and Francis says he will and will still be his brother.

Henry comes and asks why he let Bash out of the dungeon. Henry says they have to have this out once and for all. He says he saw the truth – that Bash will always covet what his brother has. Francis finally gets it and asks Henry if he talked to his guards the night they were to escort Bash away. He asks if he ordered Bash killed and Henry says sacrifices must be made. Francis asks if he’s gone mad and Henry says he must strike down any threat to him.

Henry says he is a threat to everyone and draws his sword. Francis defends Bash and Henry says when people don’t listen to the king they must be dealt with. Francis tells him that he saved his life and pursued his enemies. Francis says if he harms Bash, he harms himself. Henry puts down the sword and says he is pleased to see them getting along again. He says he knows just the thing to preserve this harmony and says if it doesn’t work, his sword will take two lives tonight!

Nostradamus stands on a balcony when Olivia comes out. He tells her the last person he danced with was his wife. He says he was married and had children and sometimes in the morning he remembers being there with them with his children laughing. He tells her the plague took them all from him and he couldn’t save them. She tells him she’s sorry and asks if that’s why he dedicates his life to saving others. She tells him he saved her and she kisses him.

Greer and Lola talk about their odd couplings. Lola says she doesn’t know if it will work with Julian but thanks him. Greer watches Leith line up to leave with the other soldiers to be and begs him to look back at her. He does and she cries into her friend’s shoulder.

Catherine comes in and asks Penelope if it’s done. She shows her the empty vial. Henry comes in and kisses Penelope sweetly. He tells Catherine that Penelope told her she had to pour the vial into his wine. Henry tells her not to talk that way about his Queen and says he’s in love with Queen Penelope. Catherine demands her crown but Henry won’t let her take it. He tells her if she touches his queen again he will have her drawn and quartered. Catherine is dizzy and Penelope says it was poison. Henry says he had the vial dumped into her wine. She staggers. Penelope thanks her for teaching her to think long term. Catherine staggers out of Henry’s chambers and Mary finds her. She tells her to find Nostradamus and tells her that Henry has drugged her.

Mary comes to Francis and tells him Nostradamus is waking his mother. Mary tells Francis that Henry is not well. Bash comes in and tells them that Henry has illuminated him on his solution and says they have to come along to witness it – right now – upon pain of death. They follow him. The priest marries Kenna and Bash. Kenna tells Henry he promises her someone of title. Henry declares that Bash will be the Master of Horse and Hunt.

Catherine watches this all groggily.  Henry tells Kenna to shut up and say her vows. He pulls his sword and Bash says the vows as Kenna cries. Bash walks out and gives orders to the guards. They tell him they don’t take orders from bastards but he tells them his new title and tells them to get out and do as he says. The bow and go. Mary asks Bash if he’s all right. He says he’s married to someone he doesn’t like and has to watch her watch someone for the rest of his life. She says she thought his feelings were gone and he says he lied and that she was right – that he never should have come back.


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