Rob Kardashian’s Revenge Tell-All To Expose Countless Family Secrets – Including Kim Kardashian’s Drastic Plastic Surgeries! (PHOTO)

Rob Kardashian's Revenge Tell-All To Expose Countless Family Secrets - Including Kim Kardashian's Drastic Plastic Surgeries! (PHOTO)

In the new edition of InTouch Weekly, Rob Kardashian is coming at his family with some lofty threats: He’s ready to expose his family’s deepest, darkest, craziest secrets for the entire world to hear in a new tell-all. So why is Rob threatening to expose his family’s craziness? According to the magazine, he’s ready to unload and dish the dirt because his family embarrassed him during his extreme weight gain. A tell-all grounded in revenge is the best kind of tell-all, right? Either that or a recipe for fictional disaster.

The magazine spills theses alleged secrets: Kim Kardashian plastic surgery procedures, a sex tape that could destroy the family, Scott Disick’s other women (he’s a cheater!), and Khloe Kardashian’s real father revealed. . . .

Wow, sounds like Rob Kardashian has a lot of juicy, juicy gossip for us all to read, huh? If Rob ever does produce a tell-all, you can bet your bottom that he’s going to anger the hell out of the Kardashians — especially grand mama momager Kris Jenner. It sounds like a lot of Rob’s secrets could hit the Kardashian franchise in a spot where it’d hurt, so we suggest Kris Jenner hug her little boy and make sure he keeps those lips of his sealed.

Also in this edition of the magazine . . . . More talk of J. Lo’s BF cheating, more talk of Jennifer Aniston’s wedding details, and more talk of Tori Spelling. Basically, this edition of the magazine is filled with all our staple gossip stories. We’ll let you judge their excitement factors.

  • wicked

    Rob is a lazy, unmotivated slacker with an inflated sense of entitlement. This guy has a business degree from USC, great family connections, a trust fund, fame and the best business concept he can come up with is socks? Seriously? Then he blames his lack of success on his Mother and Sisters? What a wussy. Rob is a whiney bitch. He is actually more annoying than Khloe & Courtney. At least they have a work ethic. Most of us in the Real World, who work our arses off developing our businesses look at you and think, Rob is a fricken drama queen with rich boy problems. So he is fat. Push the fricken plate away and exercise. Stop whining and create a life, quietly.

    • Tailisin

      Excellent analogy, Wicked! Rob is a punk. He is lazy, unmotivated and lacks focus, determination and tenacity. He obviously, does not take after his Mother. His Sisters are a lot of things, lazy is not one of them. I
      Wish Rob would stay out of the press, get his jaw wired shut and go away. Kris should take away his allowance and send him to his basement without any dinner ( or breakfast, lunch, bread, snacks, crumbs) indefinitely. The end..

      • wicked

        ROTFLMAO! OK, Taili! Spreading Rumors are we? LOL! Next late breaking news item will be that Kris makes Rob live in her basement and had his jaws wired shut so he can loose weight! Just wait! Too funny!
        Later, Bro .

  • Tt

    I like rob he is not an attention whore.say what u want abt the kartrashians but one thing they do have is family loyalty so y are they not encouraging and supporting him..?? I don’t care what anyone says everything thing they do is for money and fame so what rob isn’t selling his soul I applaud him